The Complete Story of How I Became a Book Blogger

book bloggerHow I Became a Book Blogger

Hello, dear readers. Today, I decided to tell you a story that is important to me. @mrs.p.christie asked me, today, how I came to create my blog and she made me realize that I have never shared this story before with anyone besides, like, my brother or my personal diary.

I want to tell you what happened in detail.

I created my Goodreads account in 2012. Before Goodreads, I was on Booknode, which is an online community for francophone book lovers. But as much as I liked Booknode, it just wasn’t a big enough community for me and the selection of books to shelve and notes to give was very limited in my opinion, especially in the early 2010s. Continue reading

My Blog Statistics (In All Honesty)


Dear Curious Reader,

I thought I would do this kind of post because 1) I don’t mind sharing my statistics and 2) I, too, love these types of personal none-of-your-business posts.

Truth is, I am proud enough of what I have accomplished with my blog so far, since its creation, back in July 2014.

But enough talking, let’s get to the mathematics part. Continue reading