New Blog Theme + Header + Background!

Hello! So I decided to change my blog appearance a bit…or a lot depending on how you see it. I felt like my former one was a bit ”too young” and I wanted something a little more professional. Let me know what you think! I would love to hear your opinion AND advices. Maybe I should add something? Maybe another background would look better? I’m especially looking for ideas for the background because I’m not sure if it’s the perfect one. Hmm….

Anyway, here is my former header/banner:

Blog banner

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The Official Header Is Coming + A Glimpse ❤

It is coming…

So you probably all know that my current header on the blog has been made by me. Actually, I really needed one when I impulsively created (will talk about it in another post) my blog and I had NO IDEA what to put there so I was like let’s go with something that matches the title, right? And so, I spent 4 hours creating it. It was VERY long but I thought it fit the blog pretty well…until I wanted something more professional.

Since one of my friends absolutely loves drawing, I immediately went to her and asked her if she had time and interest in creating a header. She did have interest and agreed (for 20$ hehehe–bargain, right??) and so she’s been working on it for 3 weeks now. If you have time, you can check out her blog, Dust of Daydreams. I’m very excited! There is too much pink on this blog, you can admit it freely. 😉 IT NEEDS A CHANGE!

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