Made in Korea – Sarah Suk

Love the colours.

Let me just start by saying that I would have loved to have gone to Valerie and Wes’s high school, which is so delightfully pro-entrepreneurship. At their high school, students are encouraged to start and promote their own businesses, with approval from appropriate staff members and an assigned mentor of course. Valerie shares a Korean beauty business with her cousin Charlie, and so far, they are running the school. Everyone loves their products, including me to be honest.

But Wes, the new kid, is starting a beauty business of his own, which proves to be quite exciting for their high school population, so much so that Valerie’s sales are quickly dwindling. Yet Valerie can’t afford to lose customers because she has a very specific goal she is trying to accomplish and she won’t allow anything or anyone to make her lose sight of her goal. Wes, too, has a plan for the money he is quickly accumulating, and soon enough, the two of them become fierce competitors. Enemies, even, depending on who you’re asking.  

This would make for a good Netflix movie. No doubt about that. It’s fast, it’s focused, it’s developed in a coherent way and, most important of all, it’s quite cute and romantic at times. There are some cheesy scenes, like being stuck in a room with your crush or seeing them through an empty book spot at the library that made me feel like the author could have been more unique. However, overall, I had an enjoyable time with Valerie and Wes. If you are the type to become completely enraged by miscommunication, you might want to keep this book a mystery forever. Otherwise, have fun!

Thank you Simon & Schuster for the free copy in exchange for an honest review. MADE IN KOREA will be out on May 18th, 2021!