Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous – Suzanne Park

I want to officially start this review by disclaiming that, as a general rule, I adore summer camps, whatever the type. Very fortunately, SUNNY SONG WILL NEVER BE FAMOUS was not an exception to this little rule of mine.

I do admit that I’d never read a summer camp story that featured a rehab-type of setting before, where characters are meant to detox from something. But you know what, it worked quite well. Sunny Song, like many young people in this heavily digital age, is addicted to her phone, her social accounts and the internet in general.

Can anyone reading this review not relate to that? Yes, alright, maybe you’re not checking your phone every minute, seeing if you have a text or comment, but it’s such an addictive thing if you do own a phone and love to engage with people who don’t live right next to you. All that to say that I found Sunny Song’s addiction completely believable and was excited to see what would come out of this camp for her.

The camp itself is pretty interesting. There are various fun activities that are meant to engage the campers in real life more than in a virtual one. Phones are not allowed. You want to connect with others outside the camp? How about sending a good old letter? Sunny Song is not exactly taking this (huge) rule very seriously, seeing as she is part of a big competition that could boost her social platforms’ popularity and she has her best friend back home helping her go around the rules here at camp.

There’s romance, too, and rivalry, and friendship, and growth. Overall, it’s simply an entertaining, fast-paced summer story that I encourage you to read while on a stationary bicycle at the gym. The fast-pacing of the story motivated me personally to cycle faster. So once it’s out, I encourage you to give Sunny Song a chance.

Thank you Raincoast Books for the free copy in exchange for an honest review. SUNNY SONG WILL NEVER BE FAMOUS will be out on June 1st, 2021!