Dare Me – Megan Abbott

12982393Dare Me by Megan Abbott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Hachette Book Group Canada
Published: 2012
Publisher: Reagan Arthur
Recommended Age: 14+
Genres & Themes: Adult, Mystery, Friendship Drama, Sports, Crime, Manipulation


I’m obsessed. It’s rare that I read one book and already I know I want to read everything the author has ever written and follow her on every account, but that’s how I feel right now about Megan Abbott after reading the crazy rollercoaster of psychological manipulation that is DARE ME.

It’s not even that it’s a perfect novel; hence the lack of a five-star rating, but it’s addictive in a way that some people are. Some people you meet and already from the very beginning you notice their flaws, but there’s just so much life and excitement and unexpectedness in them that you can’t help but want to see them again and will deal with their flaws if it means you get to have them in your life.

So while there are definitely things that could have been improved, I’m not sure WHAT should have been improved because every single aspect of this story adds to its tense atmosphere and twisted scenes. I guess the mystery could have started earlier, if this is why you’re considering reading this book, but I for one adored being introduced to the world of cheerleading in high school and the intricate relationships between the cheerleaders.

I never really fully got the deal between Beth, Addy and their parents, and the coach will forever remain a mystery, but Megan Abbott tells us just enough to be intrigued and want more. She’s a tease in many ways and I kind of loved it. There is one aspect of the mystery that I figured out before Addy, so that was a slight bummer, but I read it more because I was dying to see how Beth and Addy’s friendship will fare then because I wanted the murderer exposed.

In sum, don’t let the low average rating discourage you from reading this! Unless you really, really, really care what other people think and can’t make up your own mind. Okay, that was a bit rude, but that’s a taste of Beth for you. You’ll love her, she’s a doll.

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