The Winter Duke – Claire Eliza Bartlett

51201758. sx318 sy475 The Winter Duke by Claire Eliza Bartlett

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Received: Hachette Book Group Canada
Published: March 3rd, 2020
Publisher: Little, Brown BFYR
Recommended Age: 13+
Genres & Themes: Young Adult, Fantasy, Politics, LGBTQIA+


Better step back, because there’s nothing to see here.

Unless you like bland heroines that few people respect in positions of power, whose character developments are almost nonexistent or forced. Unless you like to see romantic pairs have little conversation and almost no romantic moments. Unless you like to hear conversations repeated over and over again.

Almost no one is happy with the fact that Ekata is now duke but oh well her whole family is under a sleeping curse so really there’s no one else who can apply for the position, except maybe this arrogant, privileged dude who wants everything just because why not. As the new duke, Ekata is supposed to be advised by the counsel put in place and yet few are those who listen to her ideas, respect her, don’t tell her she’s a fraud or don’t make ugly faces at her.

Some want a parliament, but most don’t. There is so much talking about doing things and very, very little actually doing something. It’s not completely bad because the author’s writing is pleasant to the mind and there are some rare surprising moments that try to balance out the negative aspects. But I can’t help but say that in the end it’s a story that will not stay with me and whose characters I don’t mind forgetting.


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5 thoughts on “The Winter Duke – Claire Eliza Bartlett

  1. Awe that’s too bad you didn’t like it! I enjoyed it personally, but I do see a lot of the same things you mentioned above. They just didn’t really ruin the overall experience for me, even though I definitely wished there had been…just MORE somehow. Great review!

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