Books, Books and More Books!

dragon hoops

Hello my lovely readers.

This is a shameless posting. Truly shameless.

I recently became active on bookstagram again, but I have to admit to you that I hadn’t posted regularly in a while so when I went back and checked the accounts I was following imagine my surprise when I discovered that many of them deleted their accounts… or became bookstagram famous, which is pretty awesome. But it made me realize that I hadn’t kept in touch with anyone over there and I was pretty lost when I came back.

So here I am, very shamelessly asking you to welcome me into your bookstagram life again. I would love to check out your account if you have one, especially if we’ve interacted on the blogosphere before or Goodreads or any other place. Or not! I do so love meeting new book lovers. Also, please be patient with me if possible because I am only just reworking my creative mind to take the best pictures of books I can and I have to confess that my mind took such a long break from doing that that it needs to relearn the art of book photography.

Anyways, here’s a link to my account in bold blue so you don’t miss it and because I love bold blue: Lolareviewer.

(By the way, that book you see in the middle called Dragon Hoops is an amazing graphic memoir that I reviewed sometime ago and completely recommend, especially if you’re a graphic novel lover or if you like creative tales that develop so many different themes, such as coming of age, sports, family, education, history, integrity and compassion.)


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6 thoughts on “Books, Books and More Books!

  1. Heyyyyy. I have interacted with you a bit over on this platform only, but recently I also went on a huge hiatus and just made a comeback! Welcome back and i would want to engage with you again, especially after that picture you posted?? AAHH These ARE ALL BOOKS THAT I WANNA GET TO THIS YEARRRR.

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