Snapdragon – Kat Leyh

See the source imageSnapdragon
by Kat Leyh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Raincoast Books
Published: February 2020
Publisher: First Second
Recommended Age: 9+
Genres & Themes: Graphic Novel, Middle Grade, Magic, LGBTQIA+, Friendship, Animals


I love books that make me feel like the nastiness in the world is nothing compared to the beauty and magic that can be found in it. SNAPDRAGON was just that book for me.

Snapdragon doesn’t like to gossip and she doesn’t like rumours but she still can’t help but be afraid and wary of the old woman who lives alone, isolated by the forest, and who might just be a witch.

But one day, she is faced with the witch and that day will be a fateful one for both Snapdragon and the old woman. Snap starts to spend more time with the town’s outcast and the bond they form is strong and opens the door to plenty of surprises.

It is absolutely wonderful. There is great diversity and inclusivity. Snap doesn’t just become close with the witch, she also makes a new friend in school—someone who is a little different, too. Snap embraces difference. She makes you want to spot the unusual things in the world and bring them to light.

And, as an animal lover, I couldn’t help but fall for all of these cute beings featured in the story. There is no way to close this book without a smile on your face.


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