5 Short Reviews

6063187Twenties Girl: This is one of my favourite books from Sophie Kinsella. I don’t think anything could ever beat the outrageously funny Shopaholic series but this is a close second. It’s funny, mysterious, endearing, romantic and actually inspiring. 4 stars.

187812. sy475 Avalon High: With the confinement situation here in Quebec, I suddenly had time to read a book that I never thought I’d get to one day. It’s an uncertain situation but one thing I am certain about is that I’m going to try to make the most of it by reading old books that were a sensation once upon a time as well as by re-reading favourites, of course. This one was a quick and fun, although cheesy and somewhat predictable, read. 3 stars.

7108725Start With Why: Despite the repetition, repetition, repetition and the author fan-boying over Steve Jobs and Apple about a million times, this was pretty cool, well-written and motivating. It’s a good idea to ask ourselves WHY in all situations, even why we stay alive. What matters to us and why? Sounds simple, but it isn’t always. 4 stars.

30375937. sx318 Escape from Houdini: The first book was okay, the second one great, and this one insufferable.

After finishing the second book, I thought, ”Oh wow, Thomas Cresswell is really growing on me. He may not always be perfect, and sometimes he’s quite annoying, but he really does care about Audrey Rose.”

And about Audrey, I thought, ”She’s so brave and unique. Sometimes she should stand up for herself a little more but she is still strong and someone worth being the heroine of a series.”

Now, I don’t know. I just don’t know. She let me down big. And so did Thomas. And the author. And others. 1 star.

6452796Drive: I did so like learning about the difference between type I and X people. At some point in my life I was type X because I believed external stuff, such as money or recognition, would bring me happiness. But now I am a little more type I because I like to share my knowledge with other people in my life, especially my brother, and I choose to build upon my goals and accomplishments to challenge myself instead of to prove myself to someone. My own internal motivations are at play. I still have so, so much more to learn though. Thank God. 3 stars.



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4 thoughts on “5 Short Reviews

  1. I have been getting to lots of books I wasn’t expecting to get to for a long time. I read Twenties Girl and enjoyed it too. The Shopaholic books cracked me up- the audios are really great if you haven’t listened to them. 🙂


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