The Witches Are Coming – Lindy West

The Witches Are Coming by Lindy West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Hachette Book Group Canada
Published: November 5th, 2019
Publisher: Hachette Books
Recommended Age: 14+
Genres & Themes: Adult, Non-fiction, Essays, Feminism, Politics, Media


You can’t stop Lindy West. If she has something to say, she will say it, and she won’t apologize for her (very often) unpopular opinion. She’s angry and annoyed and disappointed at the current political climate, and environmental climate, and the overall humanitarian climate. We need to be more compassionate, awake, active, responsible and respectful. It’s true, I agree, and I agree with her writing a book with essays proving what a bad job most of us are doing at being humane human beings.

But I also like that she is able to acknowledge not just our weaknesses but also our qualities. The things that we’re doing well, even if we’re not doing them perfectly. A victory is a victory, however small. The TV show Shrill, based on the author’s nonfiction book, sure is one of those victories. The first season may only have six episodes but I’m making my way through those and it feels so liberating, somehow, to watch a woman in a realistic world that actually feels wholly realistic. No sugar-coating. And yet positive in so many ways.

As a 22-year-old Canadian, there are multiple references I didn’t quite get but the facts are less important than what Lindy West has to say about them. Everyone can read an infomercial. Lindy West takes the time to dissect the supposedly true facts in order to detect the problems buried underneath something that is supposedly innocuous. Like Grumpy Cat’s name, Tard (short for r*tard), or Twitter supposedly promoting freedom of speech. What else can I say, Lindy is a badass lady and I hope she lives for a long time because we need her.


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