The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Received: Simon & Schuster Canada
Published: May 2019
Publisher: Gallery Books
Recommended Age: 14+
Genres & Themes: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Humour, Drama, Family


My friend Jennifer said it best when she said that this feels like two books in one because I read the first one hundred and so pages thinking this would be a wonderful romantic comedy from start to finish, but alas drama llama made an appearance and did not want to leave the premises. It’s as though things started to become a bit too ‘‘real’’ because instead of relaxing on her fake honeymoon Olive started stressing out about everything and anything.

Olive is, of course, very dramatic but of the Sophie Kinsella sort—so full of energy, wit and entertaining dramatic reactions. I never mind a heroine like her in my contemporary reads because these women are engaging to the maximum and you can almost hear their voices when they talk. That’s how real they feel. But stressed out and worried Olive is not fun. I wanted the Olive I had met in the first hundred and so pages back but she just kept burying herself under more pretending and lying and that started to annoy me more and more.

This is my second Christina Lauren novel but my first one was Autoboyography, which I loved, so it’s technically my first adult novel by this duo. Sadly it failed to entertain me fully and actually made me question a little why I like enemies-to-lovers stories. But as others have mentioned Olive and Ethan do not actually, truly hate each other. It’s a huge misunderstanding caused by a lack of communication and self-confidence on both parts I find. It’s not bad, I enjoyed the first hundred pages but it went downhill for me after that. I simply lost my patience.


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5 thoughts on “The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren

  1. Great review! Sorry this one didn’t work out for you, though. Tbh, I read this only a few months ago and can’t remember most of it haha.


  2. I personally really enjoyed the first half of the book, I got annoyed with the second half mostly because I didn’t appreciate Ethan’s reaction to a certain plot arc.

    You really should try their Love and Other Words, it’s like Autoboygraphy very different and truly special.


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