An Absolutely Remarkable Thing – Hank Green

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Penguin Random House Canada
Published: 2018
Publisher: Dutton
Recommended Age: 14+
Genres & Themes: Adult, Science Fiction, Mystery, Social Media, Fame, LGBTQIA+, Friendship


This book has rekindled my interest in the Science Fiction genre which, after so many past disappointments, was not an easy thing to do. But feeling indifferent about this story was close to impossible, especially with a narrator like April May who enjoys speaking directly to the reader, thus encouraging us to feel involved in whatever happens. I was also rather curious about the ‘‘Carls,’’ these impressive and mysterious sculptures found everywhere around the world that no one can seem to be able to make heads or tails of.

Still, some people try. April May is one of those people and her interest in the Carls is changing her entire life. She goes from anonymous to notorious. She has made it her mission to figure out these Carls—solve the puzzle! I had fun following her adventures and seeing her popularity increase. Fame gets to her head but she’s right… Popularity is addictive. Whether you seek it or not, it will impact you and change the way you behave in the world most likely. April is aware of the effect it has on her and the Carls’ hold on her but she can’t seem to stop. She’s in it too deep now.

Forgive me for saying this so often lately but I’ve never read anything like this before. Such a cliché, I know, but I’m so used to being let down by sci-fi that I am over the moon right now because this story made me realize that, yes, sci-fi can be super weird but that if I keep giving it chances and never give up on it, it will surprise me when I least expect it. And that feels so good I almost want to forget all those times I couldn’t finish a story involving advanced technology and the presence of unidentified beings. So please don’t hesitate to pick this up, whether you love sci-fi or not.


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