Maybe This Time – Kasie West

Maybe This Time by Kasie West

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Received: Scholastic Canada
Published: July 9th, 2019
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Recommended Age: 11+
Genres & Themes: Young Adult, Romance, Summer, Friendship, Family Dynamics


This was my 9th book from Kasie West, which is a fun coincidence because this story includes 9 events Sophie attends that affect her friendships, family and love life.

Like the majority of Kasie West’s books, this was a page-turner. This author is great with banter. Even if you don’t particularly like the characters, the conversations between them are entertaining and very realistic.

I’ve said this I don’t know how many times before, and I’ll say it again because it’s true and rare: Kasie West understands what it’s like to be a teenager. Unfortunately, in this case, it seems as though she forgot what teenagers like to read about.

Teenagers don’t enjoy stories with protagonists that have mainly tense relationships with most of the people in their lives. I understand that she wanted there to be a development, especially when it comes to Andrew Hart, but it was disappointing to see Sophie avoid important conversations with her family members and friends.

I did, however, like Sophie’s relationship with her younger brother as well as her personal ambition. She wants to go to design school in another state and even if people try to convince her to stay in her small town, she believes in herself and thinks positive thoughts about her future as much as possible. It would have been cool if there had been images of Sophie’s designs for sure.

This isn’t a story that will make you believe in ever-lasting love, but it is an interesting idea that I’m happy Kasie West developed. It could have been better—more smile-worthy—but it’s an entertaining summer read anyways.


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