Still Me (Me Before You, #3) – Jojo Moyes

Still Me by Jojo Moyes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
Published: January 30th, 2018
Publisher: Pamela Dorman Books
Recommended Age: 14+
Pacing: Slow
Genres & Themes: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Travel, New York, Friendship Dynamics, Family Relationships, Long Distance


Louisa Clark arrives in New York ready to start a new life, confident that she can embrace this new adventure and keep her relationship with Ambulance Sam alive across several thousand miles. She steps into the world of the superrich, working for Leonard Gopnik and his much younger second wife, Agnes. Lou is determined to get the most out of the experience and throws herself into her new job and New York life. As she begins to mix in New York high society, Lou meets Joshua Ryan, a man who brings with him a whisper of her past. Before long, Lou finds herself torn between Fifth Avenue where she works and the treasure-filled vintage clothing store where she actually feels at home. And when matters come to a head, she has to ask herself: Who is Louisa Clark? And how do you reconcile a heart that lives in two places?


Oh, Louisa Clark, what did you get yourself into?

Prior to reading this book, I watched the movie adaptation of Me Before You. I told myself I wasn’t going to, because there’s just no way the movie is going to do the incredible book justice, but I couldn’t help myself.

And the moment I started it, I felt sucked into Louisa Clark’s world. I didn’t know how much I had missed these characters and Lou’s quirky personality until I saw her fall in love with Will all over again. And then I read this book, because Lou in New York must be quite something.

And it is. She has found a job working for some very rich people, helping Agnes—who is fairly new to the world of the rich and the richer, being the new wife to a wealthy and respected man—deal with charity galas and other such events and just be a good friend to her. By marrying this man, so much older than she is and with an ex-wife, Agnes has made a lot of enemies and doesn’t feel comfortable in her new life.

But Lou is there to help, and the dedicated friend she always is, she sacrifices a lot for Agnes—her time, her relationships and even her honesty. It’s a strange relationship these two form, and one I at times admired and at times disapproved of. Nothing is as it seems and sometimes you realize that even perfectly polished people have problems, so this book sure opens your mind and encourages you to not believe everything you see or are told.

Lou learns a lot working for Agnes and discovering a new city—New York. She also makes other friends, one of which looks and is oh so much like dear Will—handsome, rich, driven. But then there’s Sam who is still in England. The longer they are apart, the more their relationship suffers. Many, many ups and downs for Lou. But you know what? She is not the woman she was when she first met Will. She has learned since then, and she’s about to learn even more about life, love and true friendship.


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