Giant Days, Vol. 5

Giant Days, Vol. 5 by John Allison

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Received: Distributor
Published: 2017
Publisher: BOOM! Box
Recommended Age: 12+
Pacing: Fast
Genres & Themes: Young Adult, Comic, Humor, Friendship, Romance, University Life


Their freshman year is finally coming to a close and Daisy, Susan, and Esther say goodbye to Catterick Hall forever. Literally forever. It’s being bulldozed and re-purposed as a luxury dorm next semester. But as one door closes, another opens and between end of semester hookups, music festivals, and moving into their first home together, the life experiences are just getting started.


That was extremely fast.

Don’t get me wrong, these volumes are usually fast-paced and I have no problem finishing them in less than thirty minutes, but boy! It’s like I just started this one five minutes ago and it’s already over.

I loved this. For the first time ever, I feel like every new chapter is strongly connected to the last one. Instead of each new chapter being a short slice-of-life event that is a story in itself but does not necessarily transition smoothly into the next chapter, there is an actual linear storyline.

That’s probably why I finished this so fast. When chapters don’t develop on the previous ones in an obvious way, it’s easy to want to read one chapter and then take a break to read something else in between them, because we know we’re not ruining some kind of momentum by not reading the next one right away.

This volume starts with the girls – Esther, Susan and Daisy – going home for a bit. But they come back to the campus rapidly (to us) and settle into their new home. But before that, they have to party, why of course. Why not, it is the summer term after all and I don’t believe any of the girls are taking classes. Their freshman year is over and the girls can unwind freely (not that that’s any change for Esther who unwinds all the time haha).

You know what I love most about this series, aside from the fact that it’s original and super entertaining while still keeping a realistic vibe? It’s that I can live vicariously through these characters. I’m a university student myself, but my experience at college is nothing like these girls’ experience. And yeah sometimes I wish my school life was more exciting, but it is what it is and it’s good for me so I can’t complain. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to want to know what others are experiencing and it really does feel like Esther, Susan and Daisy are accepting you in their crew without you even realizing it, so it is quite a lot of fun to be following these girls’ adventures almost alongside them.

Another winner. I hope the sequel won’t disappoint, though I’m sure it won’t. At this point, I like the characters so much I don’t even care if the plot isn’t enough. The dialog is and always will be. *fingers crossed*


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