One thought on “How Much Do I Spend on Books?

  1. GIRL $100 IS BIG MONEY BUT I’M HAPPY YOU’RE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!!! if books make you happy, you go and buy those books!!

    For me, (I went and looked at my spreadsheet) I spent exactly $2.99 on a book in April which was all I bought that month, and then around $42 in May on 10 books (I found a new bargain bookstore in my area, so I bought a decent amount of books there, they had a lot of good steals at the used bookstore, and I splurged on a full price (but couponed) book as an early birthday present). This month so far, I’ve spent around $93 on books because it’s my birthday month (happy early birthday, btw!) and I went to Book Con where books are apparently hella expensive there. I ended up with three hardcovers (one’s a gift) and three paperbacks.

    For the next few months I’ll probably spend less than $20 on books to make up for my recent splurging XD. Cheap books, though, are sooo hard to resist!

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