Aftermath – Kelley Armstrong

35294262Aftermath by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
Published: May 22nd, 2018
Publisher: Crown BFYR
Recommended Age: 12+
Pacing: Fast
Genres & Themes: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, High School, Friendship, Shooting


Three years after losing her brother Luka in a school shooting, Skye Gilchrist is moving home. But there’s no sympathy for Skye and her family because Luka wasn’t a victim; he was a shooter. Jesse Mandal knows all too well that the scars of the past don’t heal easily. The shooting cost Jesse his brother and his best friend–Skye. Ripped apart by tragedy, Jesse and Skye can’t resist reopening the mysteries of their past. But old wounds hide darker secrets. And the closer Skye and Jesse get to the truth of what happened that day, the closer they get to a new killer.


It is easy to blame the wrong person.

It is easy for people to blame Skye for her brother’s sins. It’s harder for them to look at her and put themselves in her shoes, to imagine what her life must be like and how hurt she must feel.

She lost her brother, after all, even if he did participate in a high school shooting.

I claim that it’s easy, because I once blamed the wrong person for somebody else’s mistake, too. I wasn’t thinking clearly. All that I knew was that my brother had done something uncharacteristic of him, and since I couldn’t get mad at him, the only person I didn’t feel bad blaming was his girlfriend.

I wasn’t acting with my mind; I was acting with my emotions.

I never once stopped to consider what she must have felt, discovering her boyfriend was brought to the police station after he shoplifted, as I was sending her that one message that should never have left my draft section.

I am ashamed of what I did, but that was a lesson for me. You don’t truly realize how much your words can hurt another person until someone else does the same thing to you, until someone else blames you for another person’s crime.

So I felt sympathy and understanding toward Skye’s situation. I especially wanted to reach out to her with open arms as she struggled to forget the great brother she once had and didn’t let herself weep for a shooter.

But what if there is more to the story?

This is a fast-paced mystery/thriller with a storyline that stretches reality here and there, and a dramatic heroine, but it is pretty engrossing and recommended regardless. I wasn’t bored for one second. What an intense book.


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