The Forever Tree – Tereasa Surratt

The Forever Tree by Tereasa Surratt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2018
Publisher: Crown BFYR
Genres & Themes: Picture Book, Environment, Animals, Community


The animals and humans always knew their tree was special. The trunk was the best place to host championship bingo tournaments, and the branches were perfect for swinging in the shade! But when the tree gets sick, neighbors new and old will have to join forces if they have any chance of saving their treetop home. A touching tale based on the true story of one special tree, and the community that brought it back to life.


How could any reader resist this book?

So don’t! Let it charm you, let it open your eyes to environmental issues and let it fill you with hope.

It’s so easy to just discard something that appears to not be of use anymore or is… dying. It’s harder to give that thing a second chance, but it’s also more fulfilling, worthwhile and important.

This is a story inspired by a true one. This was mentioned at the beginning of the book, but I thought it sounded too magical to be true. And then I got to the ending and read the authors’ beautiful note. Suddenly, I wanted to read it all over again.

I don’t think the first part with the animals being wary of the newcomers to the tree is necessary, because it is not realistic, it has been done before in many other books about nature, and it divides the story into two separate parts.

But I did really enjoy the second part, which took me by surprise. I had no idea one could recycle a tree in such an original and useful way. It makes me realize that there’s no reason any of us should give up on nature.

Lovely tale. I wonder if the people who cut trees without considering the future of the environmental places and their communities read these sorts of books. Probably not. How could they keep logging and clear cutting after?


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