The Land of Nod – Robert Louis Stevenson

29633854The Land of Nod by Robert Louis Stevenson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Publishers Group Canada
Publication Date: October 1st, 2016
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Genres & Themes: Picture Book, Poetry, Introspection


Ever wondered about the mysterious place we all visit when we fall asleep? Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic children’s poem about dreamland is given new life in this wonderfully illustrated book. Accompanied by Robert Hunter’s bold and beautiful illustrations, this picture book will bring the beloved Scottish author’s work to a whole new generation of young readers.


Oh my goodness, what a pleasant surprise. I had no idea this story was actually going to end up being a poem from Robert Louis Stevenson. (That’s my fault as I have no paid attention to the description or authors.)

I have read picture books with lyrical text that can be considered poem-ish, but none turned into a story that has somewhat of a storyline. This one did.

The poem just… works. It works with the illustrations—or perhaps it is the other way around—and it works as a picture book. It is short, which is to be expected, and you know how sometimes you have trouble discerning what the message of a poem is?

Well no worries because this poem is easily understood and perfect for its audience. The story goes like this: a boy is in his bed at night, dreaming of adventure in another world, except he might not be dreaming after all. Or perhaps he is, regardless, wherever he goes, his friends are there for him.

Very enjoyable. Unique in its genre.


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