Tiger Tiger – Jonny Lambert

33534037Tiger Tiger by Jonny Lambert

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Received: Distributor
First Published: March 1st, 2017
Publisher: Tiger Tales
Recommended Age: 5+
Genres & Themes: Picture Books, Animals


Tiger is left in charge of Cub, and he’s not exactly happy about it. Cub is full of energy and wants to play and explore. As they scamper through the jungle, Cub sees all kinds of wonderful things. Could Cubs excitement be just what the older tiger needs?


Tiger has to watch Cub, but Tiger isn’t excited about cub-sitting at his age. He has no energy for little tigers who want to play all day.

But Cub wants to explore, so Tiger is forced to follow behind or lose sight of Cub. What he thought would be a tiring day turns out to be a very exciting one. Tiger thinks there is nothing to see in the jungle, but Cub proves him wrong.

This is a sweet story about an old tiger who, with the help of Cub, rediscovers the wonders of the jungle. Tiger thought he had seen everything in his environment, but he was wrong. Cub proves to him that there is always more to see. His energetic spirit is contagious.

The illustrations are colorful and soft—quite delightful. But while I enjoyed Tiger and Cub’s little adventure, I wasn’t a fan of the writing, or the rhymes more specifically. They just felt so forced as though the author tried too hard. They simply did not sound natural to my ears.

Still, this is a lovely picture book.


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