Slumbering Beauty, Vol. 1

36693398Slumbering Beauty Vol.1 by Yumi Unita

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Received: Distributor
First Published: November 2017
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Recommended Age: 10+
Pacing: Fast
Genres & Themes: Tween, Manga, Humor, High School, Friendship


High school student Yaneko loves to sleep, so much that she can barely wake up of her own accord. That is, until she is roused from her slumber by a sleep spirit known as Nerim. Yaneko must accompany the benevolent spirit on his daily work route, as he grants the gift of comfortable sleep to people (and animals!) of all ages. But just what is his true purpose and why has he chosen Yaneko to be his assistant? This could very well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!  


** Not a princess tale, unlike the cover suggests.

Well this is very different from the manga I’m used to reading—and quite original.

It’s about a girl who falls asleep a little too well and has to be woken up by force, otherwise she would sleep all day. One fateful morning, she is woken up by a slumber spirit—and is able to see him.

From that moment on, she sees the slumber spirit at all times and even helps him with some of his assignments, realizing she might have what it takes to become a slumber spirit herself.

Cool, right? Doesn’t that sound so interesting? I really enjoyed reading about these two characters because they form a rather peculiar duo. It’s as though they’ve always known each other—which is true for the slumber spirit but not for the girl.

There is a lot of humour and sleeping in this book. Actually, while I had fun reading it, I must say it is undeniably repetitive. I quite like the idea of a slumber spirit both putting people to sleep and waking them up, but I would have wished for there to be more—for there to be a more complex storyline.

Maybe the future sequels will reveal something new, who knows.


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