Manga Classics: Jane Eyre

26591771Manga Classics: Jane Eyre by Stacy King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Diamond Comics Distributors
First Published: November 15th, 2016
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Recommended Age: 10+
Pacing: Normal
Genres & Themes: Manga, Classics, Gothic, Romance


As an orphaned child, Jane Eyre is first cruelly abused by her aunt, then cast out and sent to a charity school. Though she meets with further abuse, she receives an education, and eventually takes a job as a governess at the estate of Edward Rochester. Jane and Rochester begin to bond, but his dark moods trouble her. When Jane uncovers the terrible secret Rochester has been hiding, she flees and finds temporary refuge at the home of St. John Rivers.


I have to confess something here.

I read five or six years ago. I was so excited, because the character of the same name was always advertised to me as a strong, determined and inspiring woman, and I was curious to see that in a classic other than Pride & Prejudice, one of the first ones I had read when I was young.

So I borrowed it from the library, read it, disliked it, gave it a 2-star rating on . But shortly after finishing it, I realized that, without meaning to, I had actually borrowed an abridged version of it, that contained barely half the amount of pages of the original, and even less if we count the illustrations. It was, however, in the adults section.

Therefore, to me this manga was much more detailed and complete than the book I had read previously. No wonder I disliked it, seeing that I wasn’t given enough detail to connect to scenes. But in this manga adaptation, I fully connected. I felt as though was a younger me and was extremely sympathetic to her.

The illustrations are charming, though it’s true I expected no less, given the fact that this is my fourth book of the Manga Classics series and my previous reads have been mostly extraordinary too.

I do have to complain about the physical portrayal of herself, however, because, although she is supposedly an adult, she looks 13, maximum 14, which irked me quite a lot. After all, Mr. Rochester is middle-aged. But I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess, since manga lovers know how young girls look in them. Still.

Otherwise, pretty enjoyable.


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