Princess Princess Ever After

30025791Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Diamond Comics Distributors
First Published: September 20th, 2016
Publisher: Oni Press
Recommended Age: 10+
Pacing: Fast
Genres & Themes: Graphic Novel, Middle Grade, Fairy Tale Retellings, Lesbian, Fantasy, Humour


When the heroic princess Amira rescues the kind-hearted princess Sadie from her tower prison, neither expects to find a true friend in the bargain. Yet as they adventure across the kingdom, they discover that they bring out the very best in the other person. They’ll need to join forces and use all the know-how, kindness, and bravery they have in order to defeat their greatest foe yet: a jealous sorceress, who wants to get rid of Sadie once and for all.


A lesbian fairytale, how refreshing is that?

Not only that, but it’s actually a graphic novel. I can’t even think of another book of this genre for young readers with a lesbian romance that can be bought in a bookstore.

So I’m very glad this book exists, especially since it is empowering, charming, humorous and overall a positive read that will help you get out of your book slump right away.

It’s about two lovely girls—Amira and Sadie—who find each other and help/encourage each other to face their own respective fears.


It’s basically a feminist and lesbian retelling of Rapunzel, but don’t worry, it’s still quite original, seeing that it only borrows a few elements from that story, and Sadie herself does not want to be associated with that specific princess. (Sorry, Sadie!)

Just a really pleasant read that can be enjoyed by both young readers and adults. It’s extremely short—around fifty pages—which is why I cannot give it five stars, though I fell in love with the characters as soon as I met them.

More than recommended. This world needs more LGBT graphic novels for young readers!


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