Nobody Likes a Goblin – Ben Hatke

goblinNobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Raincoast Books
First Published: July 13th 2016
Publisher: First Second Books


Little Goblin lives peacefully inside his dungeon where he has but one friend. He terrorizes nobody (on purpose). He bothers nobody (on purpose). All he wants is to be out of people’s way, sleep in a quiet place and spend time with Skeleton, his only friend.

But one day, adventurers barge into his dungeon, waking him. They take everything, including his friend! Now Goblin wants his Skeleton back, because without him he would be truly alone and despised by everyone.

Because no one likes a goblin. Not the adventurers. Not the elves. Not the humans.

Is goblin going to find his friend before It’s too late?NobodyLikesAGoblin-100-11

I rarely read picture books, because they are so short and I’m the kind of reader who always wants MORE, especially if I enjoy something, and I actually thought this would come in the form of a graphic novel, so imagine my slight confusion when I opened the package.

But having it in my hands made me want to read it immediately. And I’m happy I did, because what a sweet story and what wonderful illustrations!

I’m familiar with Ben Hatke’s (previous and later) work, so proof of his talent came with no surprise. What I am, however, surprised about is how much I love looking at this book, still now, and can’t wait to share it with other people!


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