Skeleton Key – Alex Rider

9780142406144_lSkeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
First Published: 2002
Publisher: Puffin Books
Recommended Age: 11+
Pacing: Normal
Genres & Themes: Young Adult, Espionage, Action, Mystery, Summer


Teenage superspy Alex Rider is enlisted by the national security services again – this time for a routine reconnaissance mission at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. But before long, Alex finds himself caught up in a terrifying chain of events that leads from the Chinese Triad gangs in London to an undercover assignment in Cuba. Alex begins to make chilling links between suspicious deaths, an illegal nuclear weapons deal and the plans of his host, Russian General Sarov, for the future of the world…


This series is so addictive. Even if it’s completely unrealistic. Even if Alex Rider should have died more than fifty times in the past three volumes.

But who cares? It’s so darn entertaining that who needs everything to reflect real life? At least it makes sense. That’s enough for me.

Alex Rider is also very much enough for me. He is truly the hero in this series. Normally, in book series, you have multiple main characters, but in this one Alex Rider runs the show.

The funniest thing is, he doesn’t even want to be the hero. Nothing would please him more than to go back to being a normal schoolboy. But that’s never going to happen, and he knows it.

In this book, someone is trying to start a World War Three and Alex, without even realizing it, was chosen to stop the bad guys and save the world.

We are also introduced to a new—female—character, Sabine Pleasure! She does not play a huge role—barely appearing in one or two chapters—but she and Alex have formed a connection. I wonder if it’ll go somewhere. Who knows. Excited to know.


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