Everything Is Teeth – Evie Wyld

26109143Everything Is Teeth by Evie Wyld

My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
Publication Date: May 10th, 2016
Publisher: Pantheon Books
Recommended Age: 12+
Pacing: Slow
Genres & Themes: Graphic Memoir, Sharks, Australia, Family


Ever since she was a little girl, passing her summers in the brutal heat of coastal New South Wales, Evie Wyld has been captivated by sharks—by their innate ruthlessness, stealth, and immeasurable power. Young Evie would listen intently as farmers and fishermen told stories about being alone on the water at dusk; she would lose herself in books about legendary shark attacks, mesmerized by the photos of the victims. And even though she returned to London at the end of each summer, Australia’s sharks never released their hold on her imagination. Now, in this quietly penetrating narrative of personal memories, beautifully rendered by illustrator Joe Sumner, Evie Wyld lends her exceptional voice to the telling of a story all her own.


What was that? What that really a memoir? Or was it really a collection of random thoughts about sharks Evie’s had when she was a child.

I’m sorry, I expected to be reading about Evie Wyld’s childhood, not about the way sharks hunt, attack and kill you in a very visual manner, as this is a graphic “memoir” after all.

Evie has an unhealthy fascination—almost obsession—with sharks. At first you think she loves them so much she can’t stop thinking about them, but then she lets you know she is actually most afraid of them, and you’re confused all of a sudden.

EiT Interior 1-thumb-500x632-457444

I simply cannot follow her train of thoughts. They seem especially random and usually meaningless to me. I know absolutely nothing about her or her family, aside from the fact she has such an active imagination she can summon the image of a shark ANYWHERE she goes. They never leave her mind.

And it seemed to me like no one had a personality in this book. The people in it were so poker faced and devoid of expressions/emotions that it made me feel uncomfortable. There is no mention of friendship anywhere or strong family ties, as though everyone in this book lived in their own personal world.

Plus it looks at sharks as though they are the deadliest creatures of the sea, which I found extremely speciesist. Yes, even non-human creatures can be discriminated against.

Would not recommend.


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