Lady Stuff: Secrets to Being a Woman – OFFENSIVE BOOK

34467891Lady Stuff: Secrets to Being a Woman by Loryn Brantz

My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
Publication Date: September 26th, 2017
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Recommended Age: Adults
Pacing: Fast
Genres & Themes: Comics, Nonfiction, Stereotypical Books

(Misleading) BLURB:

Like the work of Sarah Andersen, Gemma Correll, and Allie Brosh, Loryn Brantz’s Jellybean Comics are accessible and funny; lighthearted takes on the author’s everyday experiences and struggles being a woman.


Offensive book.

I picked this up because I was somewhat sure it would be like Sarah Andersen’s SARAH’S SCRIBBLES collection of funny and relatable panels.

But alas, it was not. In fact, I had trouble connecting with most of Loryn Brantz’s situations that are apparently supposed to be secrets to being a woman.

I don’t think so. Even if most of what is in here can, maybe, at some point, for certain people be true, this author exaggerates WAY TOO MUCH. And I don’t always like the way she expresses her thoughts through images.

She is being much too literal in her drawings. For example, if she wants to express the idea of a woman looking like garbage, she’s going to literally draw a literal garbage can with garbage inside that has eyes and hair and is supposed to represent a woman.


I think no one should ever do that. And she uses the sexist and offensive word ‘‘bitch’’ all too often. I don’t know what she was thinking, but she definitely wasn’t thinking of empowering women with this. So many clichés and stereotypes and wrong ideas about women that should be abolished because they make women look like lazy things that care only about sleeping, eating and looking good.

You showed us you love sleeping once, twice, thrice… I get it. The tenth time was not necessary.

Which is so unexpected of her, because I mean she did write a board book called FEMINIST BABY, so you’d think she’d be more sensitive about these things. Or maybe I’m the one being too sensitive? Oh no, I’ll defend women and feminism until the day I die.

Also, there is much, much repetition.

It’s not ALL bad, but the little good is not worth your money and time. Just read SARAH’S SCRIBBLES instead.

AND, if Loryn Brantz is supposed to represent all women, we’re ALL in trouble.


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