The Stone Heart – Faith Erin Hicks

29102807The Stone Heart by Faith Erin Hicks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
Publication Date: April 4th, 2016
Publisher: First Second Books
Recommended Age: 9+
Pacing: Fast
Genres & Themes: Middle Grade, Graphic Novel, Adventure

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Kaidu and Rat have only just recovered from the assassination attempt on the General of All Blades when more chaos breaks loose in the Nameless City: deep conflicts within the Dao nation are making it impossible to find a political solution for the disputed territory of the City itself.

To complicate things further, Kaidu is fairly certain he’s stumbled on a formula for the lost weapon of the mysterious founders of the City. . . . But sharing it with the Dao military would be a complete betrayal of his friendship with Rat. Can Kai find the right solution before the Dao find themselves at war?


This sequel to The Nameless City is as addictive as its predecessor. I’m not one for exaggeratedly long series, but I wouldn’t mind reading ten books in this series. I’m even sad this adventure will end after the next book.

The story continues with Kaidu’s father putting his efforts into his project to assure peace in the Nameless City. But the general’s son is against it and will do everything possible to make sure the project never flourishes.

Kaidu and Rat play a slightly less important role in this sequel, but their presence is still necessary. I didn’t mind it, because we got to learn more about the other characters. In fact, in the first book, we knew very little about them, but in this sequel we are provided with a back-story for some of them.

As richly illustrated as the first book, it really is a beauty to behold. I’d be delighted if this became a movie or TV series, because the setting is simply splendid.

I praised the story’s realisticity in my review of the first book, and although I can still do so in this review, a new magical element was introduced in this sequel, which I was not expecting. I did not see it coming and I don’t think it was necessary to the plot, because fights have been won for centuries without magic and I don’t think magic is necessary to keep peace, but I’m intrigued about the whole thing. We’ll see where things go.


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