Little Reviews of Graphic Novels & Comics

220px-joehilllockekeyThis is confusing in the beginning, but fortunately less so after the first chapter. Horror is not a genre I normally read, because I prefer rainbows and sunshine to blood and murder, so I can’t believe I finished this book… and enjoyed it. I love the mansion and its secrets – the ones that were revealed to us, anyway. The art is peculiar, and I can’t say I adore it, but it works. Most characters need work in regards to their characterization, but I found the horrendous villains bloody fantastic and believable. I felt the tension and grief in the story. And what an ending. I can’t even begin to imagine where this is going. More murder? More blood? More mystery? I say bring it.


51zcs5bmbyl-_sy344_bo1204203200_The art is lovely and colourful. The story is slow but full of interesting content. The Monkey King’s tale is so interesting – this coming from someone who knows nothing about Chinese fables. The stereotypes, although purposeful to the plot, annoyed me. The characters have their own personalities and distinctive features. I would have wanted to learn even more about Chinese culture, but I did learn about what it means to be an American born Chinese, so cheers to that.


712bcezqfxdlReading this comic was like reading a novel. Good, bad? Good, of course, because I love novels. The writing is lyrical, the art is intricate and beautiful and the story a good kind of weird. I didn’t like the repetition because I began to expect the various deaths of the hero. And the questions this book asks are universal – what is a life worth living? where do we find what’s missing? what is a strong relationship? … – but then again DAYTRIPPER does not unravel the mysteries of the universe, so it may not change your life. But it’s obvious a lot of thought was put in it and it does deserve your time. It truly is gorgeous.


26135825Quite a philosophical book. Alison Bechdel’s reflections on her identity and relationship with her father are profound, important and absorbing. Great references to literary works. The author also touches on feminism, but not enough in my opinion. There’s nothing fun about this book. The atmosphere is very subdued, and so are the characters. It never made me smile or laugh, but it made me think and question.

As a side note, I hope the word ‘‘sissy’’ will one day cease to exist. We really need fewer insults in our vocabulary as a society. After all, words cut like knives.



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4 thoughts on “Little Reviews of Graphic Novels & Comics

  1. Locke and Key sounds interesting. I normally don’t read horror either, but that’s mostly because it tends to fall flat for me. I kind of hate horror films because I’m a big scaredy cat, but something about books means I’m usually not scared or thrilled by horror/thrillers, and then the book is just kind of boring.


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