Belle’s & The Beast’s Tale – Mallory Reaves

32841044This manga series does not reimagine the story of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The author takes some liberties, but they do not change the core of the story. But the art is apparently inspired by the movie, which I have yet to see.

It’s delightful. We all know the story, so it’s not as if I was expecting to be blown away by it. In fact, I would most likely have been annoyed if there were important changes. But this is Belle’s tale, so we have her insight. She narrates the story, not some unknown character.

While Belle could have been prettier – she looks a little unoriginal, doesn’t she? – I absolutely loved how the other characters were represented in manga format. The locations are astounding. It’s a delight to the eyes.

And heart. Because it’s romantic. After all, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a romance, so if it’s not beautiful enough to sweep us off our feet, then it failed, right? Fortunately, this manga did not fail. I read it in one sitting. There was no way I could have stopped myself from reading. Continue reading