7 Books to Read during the Holidays


It’s almost that time of the year! I know we’re all anticipating it with much impatience. At least, I am. My mom is always making delicious meals and buying delicious desserts, so I really cannot wait. And so, in order to feel the magic of the Holidays a little more, I prepared for you a list of 7 books (in no particular order) I dare guarantee you will enjoy.


 Reindeer Boy

Even if you’re not fan of manga in general, I can’t see how you could dislike this adorable Christmas story about a lovely *black* (yay, diversity in manga!) girl who falls in love with a boy with antlers, hehe. Sounds pretty original, no? And if you haven’t heard of Cassandra Jean before, I recommend you check her stuff, because she’s incredibly talented.

16124430Sock It to Me, Santa!

In this LGBT short story, the class has to do a gift exchange for Christmas, and the main character, who is a jock, has drawn the one name he didn’t want to, but he’ll discover that there may be more to Jamie than his being gay and shy. SO LOVEABLE.

23242668Unwrapping Hank

Five-stars-worthy without a single doubt! I absolutely loved this M-M Romance story between two frat house members. It’s so fluffy and ‘‘awww-worthy.’’ The type of love story that makes you sigh in wonder. It’s also very amusing at times. PERFECT. Read it now. Don’t hesitate.

5326A Christmas Carol

This book is a classic Christmas read. It’s a classic, period. You can read it to your kids, to people you cherish, or to yourself. I like pondering this story, because it’s filled with important themes. Plus, it can help you with your New Year resolutions. For real.

20309175My True Love Gave to Me

Granted, some of these short stories are not that great, but that always happens with anthologies. Some you like, some you love, some you dislike. Regardless, there are so many Christmas stories in this that you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy and rave about!

25488299The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

Christmas is all about the magic, is it not? Well, in this magical realism historical fiction middle grade book (okay, I did that on purpose), friendship is the main theme. A theme, along with the one of family, whose presence is salient in any Christmas story. This is such a touching story. A sad one, too, but, ultimately, an unforgettable one.

18776908Blame It on the Mistletoe

Short, sweet and light. What more can you ask of a Christmas novella? The characters are adorable. It does feel like a ‘‘gay for you’’ type of story, meaning that the love story does not feel all that authentic, unfortunately, but it’s an enjoyable romance nonetheless.


Have you read any of these? Are you maybe interested in trying some? Let me know. 🙂


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