Review: Wildlife by Fiona Wood

20380942Wildlife by Fiona Wood

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Received: Hachette Book Group
Publication Date: September 16th, 2014
Publisher: Poppy
Point of View: 1st Person & Alternative
Recommended Age: 14+
Pacing: Normal
Genres & Themes: Young Adult, Death, Contemporary, Friendship

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During a semester in the wilderness, sixteen-year-old Sib expects the tough outdoor education program and the horrors of dorm life, but friendship drama and love that gets complicated? That will take some navigating.

New girl Lou has zero interest in fitting in, or joining in. Still reeling from a loss that occurred almost a year ago, she just wants to be left alone. But as she witnesses a betrayal unfolding around Sib and her best friend Holly, Lou can’t help but be drawn back into the land of the living.

In this tender, funny story of first love, good friendship, and going a little bit wild, Fiona Wood introduces two unforgettable girls who discover that before you can be true to yourself, you have to figure out exactly who you are.


It took me some time to realize that this story is narrated from two distinct point of views.

No wonder I was so confused at first. It’s not as if the names of the narrators are mentioned at the beginning of chapters. But the moment you notice how the change is done, you never get confused again. Which is good.

So this is the story of Lou and Sib who spend a whole semester in the woods with their classmates. Lou’s true love died in a car accident and she is still mentally and emotionally affected by his death.

Sib has it hard for Ben. But she’s not his type. Or so she thinks. One day, however, at a party, they share a kiss. Could it be the beginning of something? That’s what Sib hopes, but Holly—her best friend—‘s betrayal may prove different.

It’s a familiar story with a different setting. The wilderness definitely added a touch of originality to this story. I couldn’t imagine spending nine weeks in the woods, but seeing the characters cope with their new lifestyle was quite entrancing.

It’s a familiar story because betrayals between teen girls especially are very popular in teen literature. Your bf spread rumours on you. Your bf turned your back on you. Your bf betrayed your trust. This isn’t something new, but it still is something important to discuss. When your best friend does something unforgiveable, it makes you question yourself—who you want to be. Are you going to forgive them or carry on without them? This isn’t an easy question.

Thank goodness for a *mild* love-triangle case instead of a heavy one. It’s actually more about the action of loving someone who you have a connection with than the idea of developing a romance between three people. So it’s not as if it made the romance any more complicated.

Wildlife is an important book. I also recommend Sleepaway Girls if you want something lighter and more joyful but with a similar setting.


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