7 Days to Release: Timekeeper by Tara Sim


7 Days to Release: Timekeeper by Tara Sim

I usually don’t do these types of promotional posts, let alone of my own volition, but I felt the urge to do one for Timekeeper by Tara Sim, because this is a book I have been anticipating for a long time and not only to get my hands on it; I mean, I’m anticipating its release so EVERYONE can read it, because I did and it was great!

So what’s so special about this book, you may wonder. Well, first of all, the world-building is entirely original. Oh yeah, you have clock towers that control time and clock spirits. But there is danger when it comes to these towers, because if god forbids one was to stop working, the town itself would freeze.

Which is exactly what ends up happening! So now Danny’s dad is locked in time in a town he visited to repair its clock tower. It’s very sad, when you think about it, to know your parent is still alive but unreachable. You know where he is, and you want to join him, but you can’t – you just can’t approach him.

So the storyline is indeed captivating. Although it is predictable in a way, it’s a good kind of predictable: you expect some things to happen, and they do, but you feel happy when they happen nonetheless, because that’s how things should be from the start.

Another thing I absolutely love about this book is the romance. I actually heard a couple of people saying it’s an insta-love type of romance, but that is not true at all. (At least, I didn’t think so.) Granted, both Colton and Danny notice one another quite quickly, but that doesn’t mean the kissing happens in less than 10 pages! They really are the loveliest gay couple I’ve encountered this year and I just cannot, CANNOT wait for more sweet scenes between them.

 Also, it is too much to ask for a little bit more sex—ish content? 😉

 I hope you will give this a chance, and if you have, tell me what you thought of it! I’m all ears!



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