The Ruler of Books Tag

the ruler of books tag

This tag was created by Ariel Bissett and the lovely Bea @ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic tagged me! Thank you, Lady 😉


The Questions

What book would you make everyone read?


Captive Prince.  You have NO idea how incredibly intense this series is. Sexual tension everywhere. Damen and Laurent are my favorite gay couple on this earth. The first book is a tiny bit slow, but it’s a character-driven story, so the characters are the ones who will win your heart. You need not hear more: READ THIS BOOK NOW. Or a curse will befall you.

What would you abolish in book construction?

I hate when synopsises say that things like ”Game of Thrones meets Divergent in this enthralling new series by the New York Times bestseller…” because it just makes readers expect some things and then they end up being disappointed. I don’t mind someone comparing books to other books in their reviews, because that’s a personal opinion, but when it’s in a synopsis, it’s said like it’s a fact  when it shouldn’t be one.

What author would you commission to write you any book?

This is such a hard question. It’s like asking what our favorite author is. I love Cassandra CS Pacat.JPGClare’s world-buildings, C.S. Pacat’s characters, Jennifer L. Armentrout’s writing and Ally Carter’s action scenes, but I believe characters to be the most important element in a book, so I’d say C.S. Pacat. Please do write more. She’s amazing. I did two interviews with her, one for Captive Prince and another one for Kings Rising.

What book would you demote to the library basement to make room for new books?

I already did that. I took all of my manga and put them in a box, because I’m not the type to reread entire series of manga, but when I do want to, at least I know where they are. So I took all of my Love Hina and Maid Sama off my main bookshelves and hid them under my bed. But they won’t be in the darkness for long, for I must move out in two weeks.

What cover artist would you commission to make a mural?

Interesting question. I never in my life thought about that. I guess the artist who designed the covers for the Throne of Glass  series, because they’re stunning and have this kickassy vibe to them, you know? Definitely that artist.

What character’s face would you put on a coin?


Lola’s sexy beast!

Like Bea, it would be a character from the Harry Potter series. Wait for it, wait for it… SNAPE!!! I love him so much. I mean, I know he’s an antihero and all, but I kind of really want to tame him, ahah. He’s a sexy beast. Actually, he’s pretty calm, and I like that about him. I feel like I could talk to him about anything and he’d just stare at me with those intense eyes. Fun imaginary moments!

What book would you award the “Ruler of Books” 2016 Prize to?

Captive Prince book three! Kings Rising! I waited for this book for two years, so when the publisher offered me a finished copy of it in advance of its release, I was so excited I felt like I had drunk ten coffees! I was so, so, so excited and the book didn’t disappoint (not that I expected it to). Again, READ THIS SERIES.

I am now going to tag some amazing bloggers:

Melissa @ Rabid Reads

Floriane @ Flowless Books


Nikki and Amy @ Every Book You Need to Read and More

Thank you for reading! You’re free to do this tag, even if I didn’t tag you 😀


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15 thoughts on “The Ruler of Books Tag

  1. I think I will do this tag! Yes, Snape is sexy; plus I don’t feel like a perve saying that because he is older like me, ha ha. I hate synopsis and cover blurb comparisoins to high profile books. My thought is that if you can’t sell your story without comparing it to someone else’s work you have a weak offering. I will make sure to link both you and Ariel on my post. 🙂


  2. So true! I am a victim of these types of teasers like GoT meets Divergent and I’d always be like, “where is it?” And instead of liking the book for its glory, id end up disappointed bcz of the pre-installed thought on my head lolz


  3. I loved this! I do agree with getting away from “Game of Thrones meets Divergent in this enthralling new series by the New York Time Bestseller…” I also hate when this is done. Once an expectation is set, it is difficult to open the reader up to what was actually written.


  4. Hehehe! I LOVED this tag and agreed with mostly everything you pointed out here in this lovely-full post! 🙂 And yasss! I too LURVE Armentrout’s style of writing and Cassandra Clare, (I don’t think I need to say more here!) And yes, it’s a shame when books offer you so much excitement by comparing it to other books but then in the end it only lets you down because it’s NOTHING like those books…. yeah.


  5. To be honest, I only just started collecting manga last year and I feel like I’m already regretting it. There’s just so many volumes (the stories tend to be dragged off) and they’re so expensive where I live. Oh well, they are great guilty pleasures! And haha, Maid-sama is such an adorable shoujo. ^.^


  6. A fellow blogger read Captive Prince and loved it. I really friggin hate those if you loved Gone Girl or Pretty Little Liars…type of blurbs. For the love of Pete, let the book stand on its own. Sheesh!


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