Series I Will Never Finish

series i will never finish

I was thinking about books I read when I was younger and then decided to come up with this list to let all of my frustration out! 😉



I’ve actually read seven books in this series but couldn’t finish the eight book. I really, really liked the first books, but it was obvious to me that the following ones had no more substance to them and it’s like the author wrote whatever silly stories came to her mind.

 30183House of Night

Same thing happened with this series: I loved the first book, really liked the second one, thought the third one was good and the rest I just lost interest in. I actually stopped after the fourth one. I rather just read  The Vampire Academy instead.

 The Immortals3975774

I loved this series so much when I was way younger, as in five or six years ago. It was one of the first ten paranormal series that I had ever read, and the ‘true love’ theme won me over. But now that I’m older, I’m sadly more immune to it. Stopped in the 1/3 of the fourth book.

 872333Blue Bloods

HAHA. Okay, so you may have noticed but I was REALLY into vampires when I was younger and it wasn’t even because of Twilight. My addiction probably began with The Vampire Diaries. Anyway, this is another series I loved with all my heart in the beginning. I thought the romance was really messed up because it’s The Mortal Instruments-ish and maybe that’s why I stopped in the middle of the fourth book.

The Vampire Diaries395871

I never planned on stopping to read this series. I loved it so much I reread the first four books in the series twice (the ones combined two-by-two), but the problem is that the rest are written by someone else and it just SHOWED. It so wasn’t the same thing anymore and I felt that so badly I struggled to finish the fifth book. In fact, I struggled so bad I made myself read 10 pages per day because I wanted to still finish it, but just because I couldn’t bring myself to DNF a TVD book. Oh man, not a beautiful memory.

I pray thee, tell me the series YOU couldn’t finish! 😀

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28 thoughts on “Series I Will Never Finish

  1. I agree with you on TVD. The first 4 books are really good, the next ones are really messed up and disorganized. I’d rather watch the TV show. Evermore is so boring. I DNF that book and I have no regrets. :)) I finished the House of Night series though.. even if it’s dragging. :))


  2. I actually haven’t read any of these series, but I have so many that I will never finish. And it always seems to be the series that have a million books. I’m awful with finishing long series. The Sookie Stackhouse series, for example, has 13 books. I think I made it to 11 and called it quits. I’m currently trying to work my way through all of Cassandra Clare’s books, but I’m having a hard time keeping up with her :P.


  3. Yes to all of these! Well, not the first, I haven’t read those but the others I started years ago and will never finish either because I “outgrew” them or just lost complete interest in them.


  4. I persevered with Sookie Stackhouse and wished that I hadn’t! The last three books were epically bad and really expensive. The last one was so bad I vowed to never read another Charlaine Harris book again. I realise she was probably under contract, but still!


  5. I read the Immortals series when I was younger and loved it. However, I think if I picked it up again now I would struggle with it!


  6. Actually I only know one of the above mentioned series and that’s the one I also never finished: The Immortals. Other series I probably won’t finish are: The Mortal Instruments (C. Clare) / The Infernal Devices (C. Clare) / Lorien Legacies (P. Lore) / Chaos Walking (P. Ness) / Driven (K. Bromberg) / Caster Chronicles (K. Garcia) …


  7. House of Night was exactly the same for me! I lost interest around the same book. The whole dynamic of the story changed, the writing got worse and confusing, and the story got crazy unrealistic. My suspense of belief just couldn’t be suspended.

    I tried to read the Immortals but I couldn’t even get half way into the first book lol.

    I read two books from Blue Bloods and stopped. It got so complicated with the angels and everything. It was too much for me.

    I could never get into The Vampire Diaries :/ It just wasn’t my cup of tea. However I LOVE the TVD TV series!

    I was into vampire books as well when I was younger! Then I was into zombie books. Now I’m into YA fantasy books…

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift


  8. I love this types of post 🙂 I will NEVER finish the hunger games 🙂 I really struggled with the authors writing and though I managed to finish the first one…. the second one was just bad *UNPOPULAR OPINION*


  9. I’m still reading the Undead series but I’m feeling that dreaded I need to move on from this feeling. I feel like if you’re going to have a series, at least attempt to make the next book not only differ from the previous one, but make it better. Ya’ know?


  10. LOL I have quite a few of these series on my list too! I have no plans to finish House of Night nor Vampire Diaries (though I finished the original trilogy), but I want to read Blue Bloods, I think I have the very last one to read.

    I did finish Immortals–mostly because I had bought all the books and it wasn’t all that impressive so you aren’t missing much 😉


  11. I haven’t read any of these series but there are so many I start an don’t finish because they run out of steam and so do I. It’s rare after one bad book I go back for the next one even though it migh just be a blip.


  12. I’ve read part of all these series but the first book mentioned. I couldn’t finish any of them! Another series I can’t finish is the Alienated series by Melissa Landers. I read the first one and half of the second. I can’t finish it for the life of me!


  13. I won’t be finishing the Evermore series either. Or The Vampie Diaries either. I have to say I was really disappointed in the Vampire Diaries series. I read a few and tried to like them, but I just didn’t.


  14. You know what I’m about to do? I’m about to add every single one of these books you mentioned to my TBR. But I know Lola, I KNOW, this is the exact opposite of what you probably wanted. Don’t hate me yet, but I’m kind of on this Vampire kick now (not because of Twilight, mainly because I just started watching The Vampire Diaries–and partly because you mentioned one of the books was like The Mortal Instruments) So, I guess I am blaming you for making me love these books… yeah, IT’S YO FAULT, LOLA.


  15. I HATED – is that too strong? Yes? Ok? I HATED Evemore, I was instantly put off with it’s true love and all it’s tropes. So I never even bothered to get the second book. I will say that their covers are beautiful.


  16. I couldn’t agree more with you about TVD. I have read and loved the first 4 books in the series but I struggled with the 5th one too, didn’t even read half of it!


  17. I actually stopped reading other vampire books when I read The Vampire Academy.

    I read House of Night series before but when I found out that it will have 13 books, I gave up. The story is not worth waiting for.


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