Old Bookshelves vs New Bookshelves

Dear Readers,

This is what my bookshelves looked liked four years ago, a time when I was still in high school and writing zero book reviews, let alone blogging.


And this is what my bookshelves look like today.


As you may have noticed, many of the books you’ve seen in picture #1 do not appear in picture #2 and that is because they are boxed up! I have no more place for them!


Plus, many of those books are in French and, ever since I started reading English books two years ago, I couldn’t go back to French novels. I still read them, but like one read out of a thousand will be of a French book.

I also have a lot of movies, TV shows and PC games in picture #1 that do not appear in picture #2 because of similar reasons. They just really would not have fit – in every sense of the word.

I know I need new bookshelves, but the thing is that we’re going to move out on the 1st of July, so there really would be no point for us to buy them right now. Can you imagine the arduous work that will be transporting all of these books in my new home? Oh my, I prefer not to think about it.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Also, this:


I bought it from HappyHelloCO’s shop on Etsy and I’m very satisfied with the delivery and product. It’s a gem!

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21 thoughts on “Old Bookshelves vs New Bookshelves

  1. Now this is going to be one helluva challenge! So curious how you’re going to organize your stuff. Especially those white spine’d French novels with all them colorful English novels! Hahahah 😀

    – Lashaan


  2. Oh wow! I hope you’re moving to somewhere with a dedicated library room – I’m imagining for you walls of wooden bookcases to the ceiling and those ladders that slide along sideways 🙂

    This blog post of mine shows my bookshelves at the moment. Actually the number of books has doubled since that photo was taken, but they’re all still stuffed in a tiny corner of our caravan.

    Stephanie Jane


  3. I can totally relate with you! When I was still studying, I only own one bookshelf and I cannot even fill it up with books. Mainly because I don’t have money to buy books yet and in our country, books were so expensive back then. But now, half of my room is covered with books and one of my problem is where to put up another bookshelf. I don’t even have a big room to begin with.


  4. WAAAAAAOOOW! I don’t have a bookshelf either, which is why I was forced to turn to ebooks and borrowed books but that looks so beautiful to me. And are those bookmarks Will, Jem and Tessa?? Cause then the gem comment you made *sly grin*

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Omg girl all those books! I’m currently running out of space on my shelves, and I desperately need some new ones. I would definitely wait until you move to get some shelves, that way you can go through books you don’t want to free up space at your new home!


  6. I didn’t realize you were French! I didn’t get the accent quite well from your videos.

    It’s either you need to purge, get new shelves, or move to a bigger place or maybe all three! But I love the new shelf, it’s very telling of your passion and how much its grown since the first photo


      • OMG thankyou ahh, i’ve been trying to get many of my friends to being the series. I’ve finished all 3 books + the one that was released last year by another author. I’ve also started reading it in French!
        I’m currently doing French in school, so i need all the book recommendations i can get. I’ll definitely check them out thanks! 🙂


  7. Oh huh godddd em soo damn jealous.
    So many AWESOME books.😗😗😗
    Em flabbergasted !
    Ur killing me girl!
    Hey if by any chance u don’t want those books any more feel free to send me😀😀😀😅😅😅


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