How to Get out of a Book Slump


For a bookworm, one of the worst things that can happen is to suddenly fall into a book slump.

Book slumps are sporadic and they have their ways of lingering for a long period of time.

So how do we get rid of them?

These are my ways of dealing with book slumps. If you want to share your own, feel free to do so in the comments!

How to Get out of a Book Slump


Book slumps are cruel. They want you to stop doing what you love most: reading books.

My response: don’t let them win at their own game. Keep reading! Many book lovers take breaks when they are in book slumps, and I think that’s not the right way of dealing with them.

Sure, you’ll start lots of books, and you’ll DNF (did not finish) lots of books, but you’re eventually going to stumble across this one book that will make you forget your current book slump situation and bring you back into the game!


Something I often do to uplift my spirits before reading a certain book or series is checking out related fan art.

For instance, when I finished Cinder by Marissa Meyer, I was left indifferent. What I mean is that I enjoyed it, but couldn’t put my finger on why it was such a popular and hyped book. So when Scarlet came out, I didn’t feel excited to read it.

But then I saw this (click on the cover for source) :

I jumped on the book after that.

So if it works for stimulating your excitement for a book, why wouldn’t it function in fading your book slump away?


You know how people are useful for book recommendations? Well they can also help you out of your atrocious book slump.

Join a group, talk to a friend or interact across social media! You didn’t like a book? Rant about it! Share your feelings! Let all those negative thoughts out! Maybe that’s what’s keeping you from enjoying another book.

It can be a mental blockage created by the book that put you in your book slump, therefore, expressing your feelings about it can help grandly.


This may seem like a very random solution to book slumps, but it’s been tested – by me – and I find that when we move… go for a run and then come back all sweaty, thirsty, tired yet relaxed and calm, we are in a better mood to do what we have to do – homework, chores or reading boring classics because our English teachers said so. This way, when we start a book, we’re in the ‘‘right mood’’ for it and thus there is a slimmer chance of DNFing it.

Running = euphoric feeling = happiness = relaxation = enjoying a book.

Try it! It’s free of charge.

Witness as your book slump slowly dissipates.


This is my favourite and most used solution to cure myself from reading slumps.

What I do is that I, a reader of mainly fictive novels, start reading something else.


What can be considered as something else for me?

– Non fiction
– Graphic Novels
– Manga
– Poems
– Articles
– Subtitles
– Cereal boxes

It doesn’t matter what we read, as long as we read something. This goes back to the idea of not letting the book slump win. Eventually, we’ll feel like reading novels again, but until then, we deepen our love for lesser read genres or simply discover new ones with which we haven’t been acquainted yet – because we read too much of the same thing.

See, being in a book slump can have its positive effects. Always look on the bright side of things *wink*.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that one of these 5 ways of how to get out of a book slump will successful to you!

Share your tips!

Also, this:


Got a new sticker from Red Bubble and I can’t stop staring at it. Long live Malec.


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41 thoughts on “How to Get out of a Book Slump

  1. I always try a new genre or something that I think is more fitting for my mood – although I agree, moving to a new location tends to work well too 🙂 Thanks for sharing


  2. Gah. Totally needed this because I had a book reading slump a while back. Sometimes it’s just the burnout from reading too much, which is kind of understandable.



  3. Book slumps are the worst and really can be hard to get out of sometimes. Thanks for all the helpful tips! I know sometimes I just end up taking a break from it all and watching something on Netflix, believe it or not, it seems to work. 😉


  4. LOL! Ok I love your tips^^ Often posts like these can offer up similar advice but you really gave some new tips: checking out fanart (LOVE the ones you shared ♥) moving around and reading cereal boxes XD Awesome suggestions Lola!! x


  5. I cannot offer any advice because I can honestly say I have never hit a reading slump since I learned to read back about 1960. I love rereading my favourite books, that is the closest thing to a slump for me. 🙂


  6. that “fan art” world is a new thing for me.
    I never go and watch pics like that, but everytime I stumble upon one, I can’t help but gasp because they are always so bautiful.
    I think I should research for some VA and Bloodlines fan art, I hope I’ll find some. 🙂

    Ohh, I am that type of a reader that stops reading when the reading slump hits. I feel that if you’re in a reading slump, that means your beain needs a break from reading and has an urge to do something else.


  7. The last one is what works for me every time. If I can’t get into a new novel, I just crack those comics up or an illustrated book, a guide, even fanfiction from a fandom I love…


  8. First off, thanks so much for following my blog!
    Second off, these tips are all ON POINT. Fan art is one of my favorite things, to be honest. I have zero artistic ability, so seeing someone create a visual representation of what they think the characters look like is something I respect a lot. I also sometimes read fan fiction to see people’s different takes on relationships in books, and sometimes to even see when they pair a main character with an OC!
    You have a great blog!


  9. This is such a great post. I always get into book slumps due to boring books. I always struggle to add any books to my DNF pile and so I endure painful days of trying to force myself to just pick the book again. Thank you for the tips.


  10. I hate reading slumps SO MUCH!! I usually try to read a different genre or even reread a favorite book to try and get myself out of it. One time, I did actually take a break from reading though. I know that is the opposite of one of your ideas, but it can help sometimes. I think I took a break of about a week and I did other things, like watch some mindless TV. When I got back to it, I was able to enjoy reading again. Great post! 🙂


  11. FANART! OMG! I love looking at them too, but I never really thought that it could get you out of a slump!

    I hate reading slumps but one of the things I do is read a different genre or go back to my comfort zone and reread books that I love!


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