Review: The Princess & the Penis by R.J. Silver

12744030The Princess & the Penis by R.J. Silver

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Received: Free Read
Publication Date: December 6th 2010
Publisher: Indie
Point of View: 3rd Person
Recommended Age: 14+
Genres &  Themes: Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retellings, Sexuality, Romance, Innocence, Short Story, Humor


A beautiful, chaste, and completely naive princess encounters a strange lump in her mattress. The lump soon morphs into a shape familiar to everyone but her, triggering her curiosity and her father’s greatest fears. He frantically tries to intervene, but having a large phantom phallus in a curious maiden’s bed is never a good combination.


I was about to say, ‘‘What a cute story!’’ but then I thought about it and it would be like saying that a girl discovering her sexuality is adorable. However, it is strangely charming and it reads like a true fairy tale. It’s an intelligent retelling, but I’m not going to tell you what original fairy tale this is based on, because you’ll ‘‘get it’’ and then the ending will do nothing to you.

To rapidly summarize the story, it’s about Princess Amelia who, all her life, has been kept far away from anything relating to sex and even romantic relationships. Just the mentioning of those two subjects has been forbidden by her father, the King. Thus, she remains innocent, naïve and utterly pure… until a curious penis decides to prod her rear end!

Amelia doesn’t understand what is happening in her bed. Her parents convince her that it must be a demon, except, she starts to find the penis quite agreeable and grows attached to it.

Fine, I’ll stop with the innuendos. It’s just so easy.

I was pleasantly surprise by the characters; they’re so lively, especially Amelia’s two aunts, Aunt Ingrid and Aunt Leila! There wasn’t a single moment that made me want to stop my reading. It’s a downright fun read! Plus, it’s short.

This is the perfect read to uplift your spirits if you’re having a bad day or if you’re in any kind of book slump. Or just because you want something humorous.

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