LGBT Recommendations for You | Love the Love

Hey, guys!

I have a new video for you today, in which I am sharing five great LGBT book recommendations with you! Have you read any of these? What are YOUR favorite LGBT books?

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Lola xoxo

2 thoughts on “LGBT Recommendations for You | Love the Love

  1. (I think I was halfway through writing a comment when I shut the tab. I CAN’T REMEMBER. Anyway, if this is a double comment apologies!)

    Simon Vs is crazy cute. *nods* I think I really should get round to reading The Girl at Midnight, because I’ve seen it being talked about a lot! Recently I really enjoyed reading Alice Oseman’s Radio Silence, which I think is both a) an technically excellent book and b) has a lot of diverse representation. It’s the only book I’ve read with characters on the asexuality spectrum, so that was pretty awesome to see. (I’m totally recommending this to everyone. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS haha.)


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