Interview: C.S. Pacat (Kings Rising)


Would you say that writing the third and final book in the Captive Prince trilogy was more arduous than writing the first two ones?

It was the most enjoyable to write, but simultaneously the most technically demanding. The greatest challenge was making certain that the book hit all of the right notes, and was a satisfying conclusion to the series. But I loved writing it. It was incredibly exciting for me to have reached that point–there are so many climactic scenes in Kings Rising that, for three books, I had been yearning to write.

What made you decide to write a chapter from Laurent’s point of view? Was it a gift to your fans?

The inclusion of Laurent’s point of view in Kings Rising was something that I had planned


C.S Pacat

from the very beginning. In a way, I had been writing up to that moment all along. I wanted people to finally see a glimpse behind the curtain, and for Laurent’s viewpoint to feel very true but also to be surprising. It was important to me that his point of view added tension to the story, and came at the right moment.

If I am not mistaken, it has been seven years since you’ve started this series. How does it feel to know it is over?

It was incredibly emotional to finish, to reach the end and to look back and see how far the characters had come, and how far I had come with them. Truthfully, I cried when I sent the final draft off to my editor, and found it difficult to hit “send” because I didn’t want the story to be over. It has been such an amazing journey from start to finish.

As for more books in the series, Kings Rising will be the last Captive Prince novel, but I will be releasing three short stories set in the Captive Prince universe, which will be available later in 2016. Stay tuned!

You told us on video/audio that the sex scene in the second book was one of the most challenging to write, because you wanted every action to be representative of the characters’ personalities, so which scene from KINGS RISING did you struggle with most for similar reasons?

The most difficult scene to write in Kings Rising by far was the scene in which Damen’s identity is revealed to Laurent. That was the fulcrum around which the entire series turned, so it was important to get it exactly right, and for every character reaction to be true both to them, and to the story.

This will sound paradoxical but, if Laurent and Damen were aware that they are book characters, what do you think would be the first thing they would say?

Damen would probably say, “Laurent, did you know about this all along?!”

Will we see traces of Damen and Laurent in your future YA series’ characters, or will they have completely distinct personalities?

The characters in the new YA series are very distinct, and they are different to Damen and Laurent, but there are definitely interests of mine that cross over. I like very intense relationships between characters, and I like characters who wear their damage as strength. I also like complex power dynamics, and the new series will contain all of those things. I’m really excited about it, and hope everyone will like it!

Interview by Hit or Miss Books.

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  1. Wonderful interview Lola, I really enjoyed reading this (and gosh, Kings Rising was such a wonderful conclusion to the trilogy, but I am looking forward to those short stories!)


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