Review: Three Day Summer by Sarvenaz Tash

Three Day Summer by Sarvenaz Tash

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Received: Publisher
Publication Date: May 19th 2015
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Point of View: 1st Person & Alternative
Recommended Age: 12+
Genres & Themes: Young Adult, Historical, Romance, Music, Military


Michael is unsure about most things. Go to college? Enlist in the military? Break up with his girlfriend? All big question marks. He is living for the moment and all he wants is a few days at the biggest concert of the summer.

Cora lives in the town hosting the music festival. She’s volunteering in the medical tent. She’s like that, always the good girl. But there is something in the air at this concert and suddenly Cora finds herself wanting to push her own boundaries.

When Michael and Cora meet, sparks fly, hearts race, and all the things songs are written about come true. And all the while, three days of the most epic summer await them…


Three Day Summer contained two of my absolute pet peeves in books: insta-love and cheating.

I can stand cheating in TV shows – such as Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl – because, normally, the fact that a TV show has a large quantity of episodes that make fully visual and develop the personality of the characters and their backgrounds, life makes it easier to take it, tolerate it and even understand the ‘‘why’’ behind it all. But books aren’t like series on television; if the author didn’t manage to connect us to a lead character from the start, rarely does this connection come unexpectedly after, and there’s a good chance that we’ll dwell upon their flaws and judge them. It’s easier, I find, to ‘‘like’’ characters and understand situations they’re involved in on television, in movies. Strangely enough, ‘‘bitchy’’ protagonists would annoy the hell out of me in books, but – nine times out of then – entertain me on the big screen.

As for insta-love, I simply don’t believe in it.

I didn’t like them… the characters. Michael was pretty much lost; he didn’t know what to do with his life, but he did know that he didn’t want to enlist and was actually scared of it, scared to have his life taken away from him. He didn’t seem very in control of his life though. He dated a girl he didn’t even love, yet, when he realized that they would be better off being… anything else but boyfriend & girlfriend, he choked and kept himself from telling the girl he was dating the truth about the way he feels toward her and their whole relationship. But, let me tell you, this guy was quite contradictory. One moment he would relate us his hoping SHE would cheat on HIM just so he could break up with her and the other moment he would keep on praising her sexy looks. And he blamed his hormones. Like, what?

Cora was a little better in term of personality. And she showed beautiful values: saving lives, family, helping others, etc. From the beginning, I thought of her as a sweet girl, but there were moments when she would actually disrespect Michael – involuntarily? – and my positive opinion of her relatively wavered. But, mostly, I was confused, because it seemed that the author didn’t respect the personality of the characters throughout (even with their ‘‘development’’). For instance, why would Cara, with her gaze, imply that Michael is, compared to a certain singer performing on a stage, nothing? And Michael would laugh, but I didn’t sense any intent of humour in the air. Maybe it’s me (it is quite late here) or maybe it’s the scene not being clear enough.

The writing was enjoyable, regardless, and, the chapters being short, this made a quick read! It didn’t actually feel like it stretched indefinitely, but the book could have used more diversity as for the sceneries.

10 thoughts on “Review: Three Day Summer by Sarvenaz Tash

  1. The cheating and the instant-love didn’t bother me nearly as much as the apathy I felt while reading it, to be honest. But yeah, this one was a 2-star read for me as well.


  2. Well, just looking at the cover is like a no no for me even more if you tell me that’s YA because it looks so incredibly childish. I don’t mind cheating in books when the cheating is well written and explained not because all of a sudden the character felt like cheating but insta-love is just a big no no for me. This is something I will not read.
    “One moment he would relate us his hoping SHE would cheat on HIM just so he could break up with her and the other moment he would keep on praising her sexy looks. And he blamed his hormones. Like, what?” When I read this on your review I couldn’t believe something like that could happen in the book. Urgggg, just, urgggg!


  3. I am not a fan of reading instalove in books. There are some occassions when I can get with it and stil continue a book if there’s instalove but i immediately start dislking the book the minute I learn theres instalove. I’m like you, i simply do not believe in it. So i’m a tough cookie to crack. As for cheating, i always believe it’s the wrong thing to do and in shows like TVD and Gossip Girl, i was able to sympathize because I already had so much background on the characters so I could see why they’d cheat (not that i’d ever condone it). i’m sorry this one didn’t work for you Lola. It sucks when books feature things we absolutely loathe.


  4. I don’t even have to read your review any further after that first paragraph. Those are two things I don’t stomach well either. I do am avoiding this book like the plague!


  5. This book will never be for me unfortunately. I detest cheating and is a big trigger for me in books. Insta-love can work sometimes but for me, it’s more insta-attraction when it does. It’s funny, cause I have watched tv show and movies with insta-love but it didn’t bother me as much when it comes to books! I’m glad that some parts of the story worked for you though! Lovely review! 🙂


  6. I don’t automatically dislike a novel if it has cheating because the person can also learn from their mistake – insta love just makes me hate the book automatically! It’s a shame about the pretty cover though, as always fantastic review Lola 🙂


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