Bookish Bingo Challenge of 2015!

janfebmarI heard about this original looking challenge thanks to Amber’s post about it at Du Livre. I never saw such a challenge before. I promised myself that I wouldn’t sign up in challenges this year, except for the LGBT one maybe…but I couldn’t resist. And I like the fact that this card *allows* us to read such a variety of books. I fear that I will complete it too soon though, since those are pretty much the genres I usually read. Except for, hum, mental illness. You can sign up HERE!

What challenges are YOU participating in? ❤

27 thoughts on “Bookish Bingo Challenge of 2015!

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  2. This one looks like such fun! I tend to be such a mood reader, so the variety appeals to me. You’ll have to let us all know when you complete the challenge and what books you end up reading, especially for the pretty dress cover. I love those. 🙂


  3. looks like fun! will be easy for me as well since these are pretty much all genres I read except perhaps middle grade (rick riordan is the exception) and epistolary. thanks for posting!


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