Creatures of the Night Book Tag

(Is it me, or does Isabelle look sick?)

This tag, that has been created by Katytastic on Youtube, reunites plenty of my favorite paranormal creatures. In other words: I HAD TO DO IT. I think I saw it before but forgot about it. Yesterday though, I was bored and searched for something to occupy myself with and had the idea of doing a tag. Because, why not? *Click on covers or title link for Goodreads.


Lately, I’ve been feeling ‘meh’ about vampires. The same old types of character, power and abilities and plot. HOWEVER, I did read this book and I could not get enough of the vampires inside. My favorite was KLAUS.


Ah, werewolves. I’ve never been a fan. People that transform into wolves? Okay…BUT, I do have a *favorite* werewolf and that is…LORD CONALL MACCON from the Manga adaptation of Soulless by Gail Carriger. And, I mean it: the manga, not the novel.


I hate zombies. They’re nasty and there’s nothing charming about them. I mean, the main character – ZOMBIE – in Warm Bodies was okay, but I will definitely not put him as favorite zombie. They’re my least favorite *creatures of the night.*


I like books with ghosts actually but more like with main characters having the ability to talk to ghosts than ghost themselves. There’s this one little girl ghost having a vendetta that was entertaining though in Cracked. I don’t remember her name though; she was really a small secondary character.


I’m going to be quick on this one because you probably already know the answer and I don’t want to annoy you (because I keep mentioning him whenever possible). It’s MAGNUS BANE, obviously. From The Mortal Instruments series.



Fairies are nice to read about. They’re pretty and cute but NEVER TRUST A FAIRY. I love JENKS – he’s actually a pixie – from Dead Witch Walking.


I thought about and, yeah, demons are of my favorite supernatural creatures, after witches. The best of the best? The one in the Charley Davidson series. I can’t tell you who he is, because it would be a spoiler.


Honestly, I find angels boring. They’re TOO nice. And good. And it’s rare that they act maliciously or are anything else that what they’re supposed to be: good. Although, I don’t read many books with them.I did quite like AVA LAVENDER though. She’s technically not an angel. Just a girl with wings but, hey, the girl has WINGS so I count that as angel. To tell you the truth, I prefer fallen angels.


Easy: DAEMON from The Lux series. Sexy. Gorgeous. Attentive. Caring. Perfect…

(Admittedly, I prefer blonds, so that’s saying something.)


CHLOE SAUNDERS from the Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong. Damn, that girl can wake the dead up. Amazing. But a little creepy too.

So that was it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Now, I would like to tag:

Safah @ Midnight Page-Turners

Tricia @ Cristina’s Book Reviews


Jess @ My Reading Dress !

Lola xo

40 thoughts on “Creatures of the Night Book Tag

  1. Daemon! He is indeed sexy as well LOL
    The only reason why I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries was because Klaus left to have his own show, and even though I still haven’t watched The Originals I do want to because that accent of his makes my heart rate go crazy hahaha
    I don’t like zombies as well but I do love The Walking Dead hahahaha


    • Oh no! TVD became so tedious and predictable that I stopped too but I will get up to date again because apparently the season 6 is amazing. Oh, yeah, I haven’t watched The Walking Dead! In movies it’s different though. My opinion, I mean 😛


  2. OKay, I never finished Soulless the novel but I might have to. DAMN YOU. SERIOUSLY.

    (that excerpt though better not be the exception in a book filled with crappiness because it fills me with tingles in my stomach. MY STOMACH I SAY)


  3. SO MUCH RAVING ABOUT THE SOUL EATER SERIES. I must find some time for it!

    YES TO MAGNUS. He rules all.

    And so many people have told me to read Lavender. I WILL SOON. But magic realism hardly ever works for me :SSS
    Thank you for the tag girly! ❤


  4. Have you watched the Vampire Diaries or the Originals tv shows? They are both fabulous for different reasons but Klaus started on the VD and then got his own show and I love them both. They are just about the only thing vampire these days that I love.


  5. DAEMON! I totally agree with your choice. I know his character cops a bit of flack, but love him or loathe him, at least he makes us feel and isn’t the typical ‘bad boy’. The Darkest Powers was one of the series I picked up when I first started reading again and really loved it. It’s so completely underrated. Even the trilogy continuation wasn’t too bad either.

    Thanks for sharing Lola 🙂


    • Oh true, he really isn’t the typical bad boy!!

      Really? I borrowed it at my school’s library and COULD NOT stop reading. Which, in that case, wasn’t good because I had so much homework to do. Huh, didn’t like the continuation though 😛


  6. I love Chloe! I agree, zombies aren’t all that great… But I’m impressed that you could manage to choose with some of them, my list would be so long. Are you going to hate me when I say I didn’t like Daemon? I only read Obsidian, and I just didn’t like that book at all


  7. MAGNUS BANE <333333333333 Okay this tag looks seriously really fun. And Lola, how can you not like zombies? *gasp* (I'm joking, I don't really like ghosts all that much, so whatevs),


  8. Oh, this is a fun tag! I have to agree with being bored by most angels, though I have not read Ava Lavender yet. Ohhh and Magnus Bane FTW!! Although that’s a tough category because I have many fave witches and wizards 🙂


    • It was really fun to do!! 😀 Christine’s YouTube video about this tag was so entertaining, if you want to see it. MAGNUS BANE ❤ There are many cool witches out there, indeed. I mean, you have lots of choices in the amazing HP series ;D


  9. This is such a neat tag! I’ve been feeling kind of ‘meh’ about vampires myself too, BUT I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the ones on The Originals ♥ I adore Klaus but my heart belongs to Elijah ;-D I still need to read Soulless but I have heard WONDERFUL things about Lord Conall McCoon! Hate zombies too, so not even going to go there LOL I like ghosts too but can’t really think of a favorite ghost. Demons, make me think of the Supernatural show, but I do love where you went with Charley Davidson ♥ Oh and LOVE the Darkest Powers trilogy 😀 Awesome picks ^^


  10. I feel like I may be the only one, but I haven’t read ANY of the books listed. I know, I know, I’m working on stepping out of my comfort zone more this year. I’ll definitely be reading more fantasy books, including supernatural and paranormal. Although I’ll probably never read a book about fairies. I just can’t bring myself to do it lmao.


  11. Oh, fun tag! Let’s see…

    VAMPIRES – yeah, meh. Twilight is over, let’s move on 😀

    WEREWOLVES – well, I still like Teen Wolf but otherwise…

    ZOMBIES – loved Warm Bodies, and there is this “zombie” book I might want to read…

    GHOSTS – never liked them, probably never will

    WITCH/WARLOCK/SPELLCASTER – other than Harry Potter, no thank you

    FAIRY – nope, not for me

    DEMONS – yesss, come to me! REYES!!


    ALIENS – it depends…



  12. I haven’t read the Originals. I am a fan of vampires, but not romance books with vampires in them if that makes sense. I just read a really good vampire book too! (Generation V)

    I saw part of Soulless. Wonder how I never saw more? I’m not a fan of werewolves, too many of them the women are treated like crap.

    I hate zombies too! I actually just read Warm Bodies though and it was really funny.

    Ghosts are okay, the whole talking to ghosts thing is a bit overdone for me.

    I’m with you on angels and demons. I love demons, but angels are boring. Unless they’re the bad guys like Angelfall.

    Sorry for practically doing the tag in your comments. 😉


  13. Of course the only Warlock could be Magnus Bane! That was my answer too, when I filled out this tag. As for not liking zombies… you really need to try the book Dying for a Living by Kory M. Shrum. After reading that one I can almost guarantee that you will have changed your perspective!


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