Bloglovin’ – Oops!

Huh, so these past few months I couldn’t log in my Bloglovin’ account because somehow I disconnected myself and then couldn’t log back. I believe that I have forgotten my e-mail + password. Worse, I think I created my account with an e-mail that does not exist anymore – from when I co-blogged at Seeing Night Reviews. Anyhow, this is the normal procedure so I can claim my blog: Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

(Don’t laugh at me, hahaha)

28 thoughts on “Bloglovin’ – Oops!

  1. Hahahah! I’m terrible at passwords! I tend to use the same one everywhere where passwords are required. I even use it at work. I remember one time when my boss needed to log on to our payroll software and i had to give him mine. He made fun of me because at the time, I was in love with Edward Cullen. Lol. 🙂


  2. *tries to hide a smile* *fails and grins broadly* Hehe.

    I can never remember my passwords! It takes me forever to try like, 10 different passwords before I can find the correct one and log in! It’s really awkward when someone expects you to log into something and for five minutes you’re just typing and they don’t want to look because privacy but htey’re all “WTF is taking so long?” … Anyway, new Bloglovin’ account! Awesome!


  3. Congrats on having 560 followers! 🙂 lol even more impressive since you couldn’t log in. Don’t feel bad about it, happens to me all of the time. They say make all passwords different then expect us to remember them all!


    And aww…that stinks about the whole Bloglovin ordeal. I love technology, but there are definitely some instances where it’s more of a bother than a help. I hope you get it figured out quickly! ❤


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