Mini-Review of The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Received: borrowed
Publication Date: October 12th 2010
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Pacing: fast
Genres & Themes: Graphic Novel, Adventure, YA-MG, Mythology


You’ve read the book. You’ve seen the movie. Now submerge yourself in the thrilling, stunning, and action-packed graphic novel.

Mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to be walking out of the pages of twelve-year-old Percy Jackson’s textbooks and into his life. And worse, he’s angered a few of them. Zeus’s master lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Now, he and his friends have just ten days to find and return Zeus’s stolen property and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus.

Series creator Rick Riordan joins forces with some of the biggest names in the comic book industry to tell the story of a boy who must unravel a treachery more powerful than the gods themselves.


I literally read this graphic novel in 30 minutes. It’s so fast-paced and there aren’t that many dialogs. In general, I didn’t find it bad but…the illustrations were awful.

The characters weren’t portrayed at all as I imagined them. While Percy and cie were supposed to look like kids, they were drawn as if they were 17-18 years old. Also, the world-building looked so cheap. More color than actual buildings or stuff here and there.

I didn’t feel the story’s deepness enough for me to be captivated. The personality of the characters was fine but in a graphic novel the appearance is very important in my opinion so when the face doesn’t go with the personality and your view of those characters, it’s not a good thing.

Also, I didn’t feel the friendship between Percy and Grover at all, only a small connection. No atmosphere, no chemistry, it was flat.

It does follow the story, or at least tries to. The most important lines are there but many things are missing still (which I guess I can understand.)

Overall, it was okay but you’re definitely not missing a thing by choosing to not read it.

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32 thoughts on “Mini-Review of The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan

  1. I completely agree with you.. It’s why I’ve stopped reading graphic novels. While it’s nice to see books come to life via pictures and such things, it’s just never the same (and awesome) as the book.

    Also, have you seen the new book called Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods? It’s basically retellings of the Greek myths in Percy’s POV, 1st person! I don’t know if you’d like that, but I thought you might since you liked PJO 🙂


  2. Ugh! Just nooo. Huhuhuhu. First, the film adaptations and now this. Why can’t people do anything right? It’s lucky that I am already contented with the books. Sigh. They burned trees and wasted a lot of resources just to produce crappy stuff like this?

    Sorry that you had wasted time reading this one. Totally ruined the reputation of the PJO series.

    I hope that your next read will be better than this one!


  3. Well, at least it was a quick read lol 😀 I won’t read the original series, if I’m going to read anything, it’ll be the spin-offs. Sorry it wasn’t all that much, Lola!


  4. I still have not read the first book in this series (even though it is on my kindle) and I don’t love graphic novels so I probably won’t read this. I think I’ve only ever read one graphic novel and I just couldn’t connect with it. Sorry you didn’t love this one, but at least you didn’t spend too much time on it!


  5. Ugh, is there anything worse than a badly drawn graphic novel? Personally I’ve tried to steer clearly of the graphic versions of my favourite series (there are a few for the Harry Dresden novels and some Kim Harrison ones, to name a few) because they always end up being a disappointment. There’s a reason why writing a really good graphic novel is so hard – you have to say a lot with very few words! Sorry this fell so flat for you, Lola.


  6. Okay, so I enjoyed the novel (not this graphic one) a lot. But as I read through the series, I was bored. I actually abandoned this series.

    Bummer. I thought graphic novels are supposed to be more readable. 😛 It sucks that the illustrations were bad, Lola. I don’t think I’ll enjoy it as well.

    And yeah, Pecy is young. This one looks…. not young 😛 Haha!


  7. I didn’t know there was a graphic novel of this! I’m new to graphic novels, and am planning on re-starting this series and finishing it for the first time, so I’m not sure if I’m going to read this or not.


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