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I’ve been tagged by Marianne at Boricuan Bookworms to do this tag so here I am! It won’t be as spectacular as hers but what counts in the end is the answers, right? …Right? LOL

Okay, so let’s start!

1. What is your most unexpensive book?

Well I did get Hopeless by Colleen Hoover on as a freebie and I’m very proud of it, hehe. ^_^ But, actually, I don’t often pay my books. I usually get those for free for review or get them as presents for Christmas, my birthday or just because I’ve been a good daughter. (That was totally a lie. I have to beg my mother when there are no special occasions.)

2. What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Like Marianne, that would be Rick Riordan. See, I loved the Percy Jackson series but the Heroes of Olympus one? Not so much (DNFed book 3.) I was just bored…so many characters, so many POVs, never-ending plotline. Blah, not my cup of tea I guess. BUT, I will still try his MG series to see if that works out better for me.

3. What book have you devoured over and over again with no shame?

If you know me, then you know that I VERY rarely re-read series. Although, I think I could re-read and re-read and re-read The Mortal Instruments which I absolutely love (especially Magnus Bane—my husband! ;)) hehe

4. Which book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

I’m a very lazy person at picking the sequels of a series. But the one series I’ve been the laziest with would be The Vampire Diaries. I keep buying the books but read like 1 per 2 years. It’s kind of pathetic. xd In my defence, there are so many books in that series and they’re not even written by L.J. Smith now!

5. What book do you most talk about in order to sound like an intellectual reader?

Well, I’ve read many classics in my life (The Outsiders, Pride & Prejudice, Little Women, etc.) but I guess, again like Marianne, I will have to say Pride & Prejudice. I am so in love with Mr. Darcy (my second husband, hahaha.) Although, a classic I would love to read to discuss with people is A Little Princess. Have seen the movie but have yet to read the book, unfortunately.

6. What attributes do you find attractive in a male or female character?

I never know how to answer these kinds of questions because I find myself very contradictory from time to time. Like, I would say he has to be a good person and a bit indifferent in his attitude but still listening to you but then it doesn’t apply to everyone and it really depends. I have no idea but he (or she) has to be like Magnus Bane. HA.

7. What book would you most like to receive as a gift?

Right now? Give me Trial by Fire!! Give it to me now!! …Or not? But I will love you forever and ever! Don’t you want that? *puppy eyes* Give and receive haha
Since it hasn’t been released yet, the other alternative would be the manga of Pride & Prejudice in the Manga Classics collection. I actually read it but it was such a great manga with an extremely beautiful art so I would love to own it in hardcopy.

Thanks for tagging me, Marianne! xx

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I hope to get the chance to read YOUR answers. ^_^ Have fun and thank you for reading!

By the way, I’m open to do other tags/posts like this so bring them on! There is something fun about answering those kinds of questions, in my opinion.

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39 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins Tag

    • Hahah, thanks Lili! You haven’t? I feel like so many peope did it and afraid those I tagged did it as well. :/

      Hahaha, me too actually! But I do own the series and will read them eventually. Like I said, lazy to pick sequels up, even though I know I’ll love them.


  1. Okay I love the banner for this, so pretty!
    Great answers and gosh, I would have to think really hard about most of mine, I have no idea on some of these but I do have a love hate relationship with Jennifer Armentrout. I love to hate her books and I hate that I love them LOL!


  2. What are you talking about, Lola?! Your post was definitely fabulous! 🙂 I didn’t know we were so similar with book things. *high five*!!! 😀 (Sidenote: I really need to start reading more classics… Ha)


  3. You can’t be serious. You DNF Mark of Athena? Why do you do this to me, Lola. *cries again* Really? I didn’t know the latest installments of The Vampire Diaries are not written by L.J. Smith anymore. Huh. You can’t have all of the men, Lola. MR. DARCY IS MINE. I would watch A Little Princess this weekend with the cousins and then we can talk about it. XD


    • That’s coz I like conforting you, LOL. You’re cute when you’re crying. I know!!! But it’s kinda obvious, without even knowing that, when you compare the writing and plotline. Did you hear that? That was Mr. Darcy coming home. See, he doesn’t love you, he’s with me forever and ever. mouahahahah (I think I’m really cruel with you sometimes….)

      Awesome, we shall! I’d love to discuss it with you. I just like to discuss with you anyway. 😛


  4. What a clever idea for a post, I love it! I would fail hardcore at Pride, I haven’t read any of the classics since I was forced to in high school. Moby Dick and Crime and Punishment scarred me for life and scared me away from anything that could be considered classic literature. *sobs just thinking about all those R names in Crime and Punishment* I did enjoy Pride & Prejudice though, so I’ve at least got that going for me, right? And I hope you get Trial by Fire Lola!!!!!


    • Oh, I haven’t read Crime and Punishment but certainly will. I’ll also be reading Catcher in the Rye soon (b/c of school) as well as Romeo & Juliet. So excited! So glad you enjoyed P & P! Now you have to read the manga 😀 Thanks Jenny!!


  5. I just finished my post *grins* You get to see it on Monday. It’s not as awesome as yours though, but I gave my best. *high fives* for the P&P and I really hope you get that manga soon! My fingers are crossed. Also I’m quite happy that we won’t fight over our husbands! I have no such interest in Bane and I hope you aren’t claiming Aiden from me 😉


    • That is very soon 😀 I am so proud of you. LOL Again, LOL, I think my post can easily be surpassed. Oh Bane, (although I prefer to call him Magnus.) He makes me laugh, dreams and I would love to be held forever in his arms. xxxxxx Who’s Aiden?


  6. I love those dresses in the banner! Where can I find those, lol :P! I don’t re-read series as well. Actually, I don’t reread at all (exception is Harry Potter!). There are just too many good books out there!


  7. HAH! Magnus Bane is hard to not love. I’m not a fan of that series anymore (I was when I read it at 16, but unfortunately I re-read it this year and didn’t have the same feelings). HOWEVER, I still love Magnus. Did you read the books surrounding him? Because I never did, but I will if they’re good for you.


  8. I still haven’t done mine!! LOL. I will, this month!

    Anyway, love your answers Can’t believe you have like, 2 or 3 husbands? You’re not alone, though. And you can have Magnus Bane, I’m happy with Will (TID) Have you read The Infernal Devices, Lola?? You should!

    Cannot wait to post my answers. It does looks fun answering those questions.


    • I’m reading Clockwork Angel right now!! But very slowly I must say because I want to savour it, haha. How can we resist all those male characters? We have to take them before anyone else does.

      It is! And I hope I’ll get to see your post! (Of course I will.)


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