Review of Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice by Stacy King, Po Tse and Jane Austen

Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice by Stacy King

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Received: NetGalley
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Publication date: August 11th, 2014
Genres & Themes: YA, Manga, Historical Romance, Classics, Family, True Love.


Beloved by millions the world over, Pride & Prejudice is delightfully transformed in this bold, new manga adaptation. All of the joy, heartache, and romance of Jane Austen’s original, perfectly illuminated by the sumptuous art of manga-ka Po Tse, and faithfully adapted by Stacy E. King.


The idea of making manga adaptations of classics is simply genious and I literally can’t wait to see if Little Women will be made in a manga as well for it is my second favourite classic after Pride and Prejudice.

Now this adaptation wasn’t perfect or one hundred percent accurate. There is even an epilogue at the end which we all know is not included in the original classic. Did the fact of not following the exact same plot bother me? Not at all since these changes were small and the story is still intact and beautiful as it has always been.

If you’re a fan of the Pride and Prejudice classic and its movie, then I highly recommend you to read this manga.

The art was fantastic! Now I know many mangas are more concentrated on the plot and dialogs than the art but this one truly had it all. Mr. Darcy was stunningly pictured with the personality we all know he posses.

Unfortunately, I disliked how Elizabeth’s hair was drawn. Her hair was rather horrible by moments and I imagined something more subtle for her. Her character was fine but she easily got very emotive which, again, is not the Elizabeth I know.

This is how her hair was supposed to be, in my opinion:


I also had a problem with Mr. Collins’ character. Why was he acting so ridiculously? He is supposed to be shy and lack of self-esteem (sounds harsh but it’s true) when what I got is a clown-like hyperactive personage. He didn’t even look human…

That’s all for the negative since, really, this was a fantastic adaptation and I will buy this title the minute it will be released (which is soon.)

The character I always enjoyed the most reading about, for she is very entertaining, is the five girls’ mama, Mrs. Bennet. She was hilarious in this version and VERY similar to the actress in the 2005 movie adaptation. As well as Jane and Mr. Bingley in fact, which I really appreciated since it personally is my favorite movie and it was amusing to see the characters ‘again.’

If only Elizabeth and Mr. Collins had been more…true to their characters, I would have given a complete 5 star rating to this title.

STILL, I had so much pleasure reading it and connecting with the characters that it didn’t bug me that much. Also, the roses that were drawn on some pages, surrounding the characters, were so pretty and I can’t help but say that the artist did, without a doubt, an amazing job.

I am more than eager to see and read the other manga, Les Miserables, in this new collection.

**ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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36 thoughts on “Review of Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice by Stacy King, Po Tse and Jane Austen

  1. Oh, wow! I had no idea manga classics existed. So thank you for writing this review and introducing them to me 😀 I have instantly added it to the TBR. I love classics, and I love manga – so how could this go wrong?

    It’s a shame that some characters weren’t portrayed as closely as they could have been, but I’m glad you still enjoyed it!

    And I absolutely love manga with good art, so I am interested to see what the art is like in this one.


    • It can’t go wrong…it was A BIT different but it was such a perfect read for a fan of P&P and manga. ^^ I really hope you like it and thank tou, Chiara! 😀

      Yeah, I know…:(

      The art is absolutely great (except for Elizabeth’s hair–IMO)


  2. Pride and Prejudice manga? LOVE IT LOLA!!! It’s a shame Elizabeth’s hair distracted you throughout and Mr. Collins was a bit all over the place, but other than that I really want to pick this one up and flip through all the gorgeous illustrations before reading it. I can never get enough of Mr. Darcy:)


  3. What there was a P&P manga up on NG? Ehhhh. 😥 I want it. Anyhow, I LOVE THIS BOOKS O HARD! I would probably be bothered by Elizabeth’s hair as well considering that her hair looks like a maid’s hat or something O.o but Darcy looks good! Aw. Mrs. Bennet is so lovely 🙂 And you liked Jane and Bingley? Ok, I need to read this manga! I’m so glad you enjoyed!!!


  4. Your review just reminded me that I’ve yet to write my review of this one! Gah! I totally forgot! Thanks for reminding me Lola! That said, I skimmed your review since I don’t want to unintentionally copy your thoughts of the book. I had to adjust a bit so I can get used to P&P in manga, especially it’s slapstick moments with Mr. Collins but I did enjoy this and I absolutely love the art. It has an old-school manga feel to it, I love how Lizzie and Darcy’s illustrated too! ❤


  5. There is seriously a manga adaptations of classics! That’s amazing!! I’m really glad that you’ve enjoyed this one and it sounds really nicely done. Only I’m not really glad that they did some changes there. Not only that epilogue but somehow I wish they kept things the same as it’s the magic of this story. Still I’m glad you didn’t mind. Great review, Lola 🙂


  6. Very interesting. I still haven’t read a Manga and I keep saying I will. This is what would get me to pick it up a classic. I would love to check out the artwork I am curious as to what her hair looked like in the book, I agree it should like the pic you posted. I am going to see if my library has any of these.


  7. I don’t read manga, often. In fact, I think I’ve only read one or two, after my cousin bugged me to for weeks. It’s just something that never really appealed to me, but I love Pride & Prejudice, so I might give this one a chance. I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for sharing! 😀


  8. This is such an amazing idea! I went through a P&P phase where I devoured every P&P film/tv and book adaptations I could find and they all weren’t enough. I’m glad even manga artists are now re-imagining classic titles. I’m so happy you enjoyed this! Thanks for putting this on my radar and great review as always!


  9. I love that people are still being inspired by P&P and doing adaptations. Have you tried any of the Shakespeare manga adaptations by SelfMadeHero? They did a modern version of Romeo and Juliet and it struck me that it might be up your alley even though they set it Japan with rival Yakuza families.


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