Review of The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


”I’m not sure what I should put for an address. Like I said, I just got to town and I’m staying at the Holiday Motor Court. I could also use my mom’s mailing address in Colorado. Which would you prefer?”
”Yeah, I know. Kind of far from here.”
”What brought you to Hampton?”
You, he thought. I came to find you.


Nicholas Sparks has his reputation of writing the most popular and some quite beautiful/original love stories. Of course, The Lucky One was no exception. There were some elements I was annoyed about because they seemed too similar to his other books but, in general, it was a very nice read. For example, Beth’s little 10 years old boy, Ben, reminded me A LOT of the other nice little boy in The Last Song (and I’m really not talking about in the movie but in the book) which, if you haven’t read it, is a wonderful book. Also, the marines, army. «—- Dear John! At least, Thibault doesn’t have the same personality as John so it’s wasn’t like I saw him instead of Thibault while reading.

The pacing is very slow. Beth and Thibault are actually meeting each other after about 65 pages only, but the fact is that those pages were kind of long. There were many descriptions and psychological thinking when I wanted more dialogs and well… romance. Although, as we all know, Nicholas Sparks likes to write about the characters background and really want to make us connect in a way to them so, yeah, many descriptions. At first, it bored me but, after those 65 pages, it all goes well and the reading begins to feel nice and enjoyable.

Beth is a good girl, someone I actually related to because she didn’t date many guys or slept with many either. She was married to a man that she divorced off because, let’s face it, he was not the good, stable kind of man, especially as a husband and dad because they did have a kid together. I’ll say it and it’s true, he’s a pervert. The type of pervert that takes pictures of naked woman whenever he gets the chance to, when he is in reality a police officer! He’s one of those persons that make you think, what is wrong with the world and how could some adult do that?! There is no need for me to say it obviously, but I hate that guy (named Clayton.)

Thibault is sweet! And funny, easygoing, calm. The perfect man. The problem is…he’s just too nice. He is perfect but perfect doesn’t exist in reality (for me) and I couldn’t believe in him as much as I wanted to. He was likeable, yes, and a great character, yes, but this contemporary was just so…unrealitic to me. Like, how could this possibly happen? How could someone, in the army, find a picture with a woman which becames his lucky charm and he decides to find (and will find) that woman in question. Plus, that the woman in question is single… It could, maybe, but I can’t/don’t believe it. I enjoyed reading it though and will keep reading other books by Nicholas Sparks because they’re cute and bring different emotions out of me. Though it is not my favourite (Dear John is for now.)

The romance is wonderful, as always.

I would recommend this book but, if you have the choice between let’s say…The Last Song, Dear John and The Lucky One, in your place, I would personally choose Dear John then, The Last Song, and then The Lucky One.

Happy reading!

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9 thoughts on “Review of The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

  1. I love his work but for some reason this one wasn’t a favorite even though I still really liked it.
    In fact, I think in this case, I actually liked the movie more than I did the book, which hardly ever happens.


    • I haven’t seen the movie yet! At first, I didn’t like the idea of Zac Efron playing in the movie so I diched it but I think I’ll end up watching it to be able to compare and stuff. Not my favorite as well but still liked it too. 😉


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