Review of Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid, #1)Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars


Meet succubus Georgina Kincaid:


Georgina Kincaid is a succubus, an immortal ”creature” that feeds on other people’s vital energy in order to survive. Most of the time, she does that during sex. Except for that detail about her, Georgina is a charismatic and easy going woman that works in a library. She’s in fact quite an interesting and entertaining character.

The story kicks when an immortal powerful vampire is mysteriously and unexpectedly killed after having an argument with our main character, Georgina. And so, Georgina, angel Carter, demon Jerome and some others are willing to resolve the murder and find the criminal.

Now, the fact that angels, demons and vampires acknowledge each other’s existence and live in ”harmony” without contantly wanting to kill each other out is new to me. And a bit disappointing, I must admit. At least, I hoped some (a lot of) real hating between them that’ll entertain me even more. Sadly, there wasn’t. There aren’t actually many supernatural creatures in the town Georgina is living, as you may think, so I hope there will be more in the sequels that I’m eager to read.

The only type of paranormal creature in Succubus Blues that I felt weren’t convincing at all are the vampires. I mean, vampires are supposed to technically suck blood (were they? because I didn’t witness it), be at least a bit impulsive, maybe cruel sometimes and definitely not entirely acting like humans. So, in my opinion, Richelle Mead missed the mark when she created those. How ironic, isn’t it?

The story has a lot of potential. I am even thinking that the sequels may be far far better than this first book. The mystery wasn’t captivating, sadly. An immortal vampire that is killed? Seems like déjà vu to me. The reason I continued reading the book without rolling my eyes was definitely not the murder case even if my inner self was curious to know the nature of the criminal and why she/he did it.

No, the reason I kept reading with a mild (but growing) interest is Georgina & Seth. We can clearly see that those two person are quite different from one another but, still, they shared a strong common interest: books! The most interesting element, though, is Seth’s ”transformation” around Georgina. At first, he’s shy and a bit reclusive, let’s face it, but, the more he got aroung HER, the more his personal space boubble shatters letting us discover a MAN inside it. I hope we’ll see more of him as well in the sequels.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this slow yet entertaining story filled with some endearing characters, characters that’ll make you smile and laugh, some that you’ll definitely hate and, finally, ones that will make you want to know more of them (by all means…)

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8 thoughts on “Review of Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

    • Well it was…uncommon but maybe because we didn’t get a true back up story of them + the vampires. It was just weird for me but I’m glad it didn’t bother you. I heard the sequels are better so I hope I will. :DD Thank you, Lexxie.


  1. The series will absolutely grow on you. I was unsure after the first book, and even less sure after the second. It really takes off, though. I have reviews up of almost the whole series (read the first one shortly before I started my blog) and you can kind of tell when I thought it hit a turning point. And yes, Seth will probably be the number one thing (well, character) that keeps you coming back.


    • Seth is so sweet. But not like I first though. I didn’t know he was a bit shy like that. Think I’ll continue the series, thank you, because even from Goodreads I’ve been told so many times that the series picks up as it goes on. 😛 Apparently it’s the same thing for The Hollows series.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Liza. 😀


      • I absolutely love Seth, and I’m sure you will too 🙂
        Which Hollows series? The one by Kim Harrison or by Amanda Hocking? The Kim Harrison one is probably one of my favorite series of all time (though it does have its slower, significantly less awesome moments). I couldn’t get into the one by Amanda Hocking—zombies really aren’t my cup of tea…


      • Oh, definitely not the one by AH. I don’t like zombies either. I’ve read Warm Bodies and thought it was okay but it’s the only exception. Really. I’ve tried Strange Angles and DNFed it because it was SO boring. 😛 The secondary characters in TH series are awesome. It’s just the MC that I have trouble with sometimes. 😛


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