Review of Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Loved it! stars

This book was so much fun! A breath of fresh air! I actually read this book while eating popcorn. No kidding. If you’re looking for something entertaining and purely enjoyable, I highly recommend you Rebel Belle. It also contains a little bit of creepy and/or strange scenes that are only going to make you want to read more and more of it.

Harper might seem to you, at the beggining of the story, a little too girly and vain, but she’s actually not that way. She has her reasons why Homecoming is very important to her that you’ll learn eventually in the story. I must admit that her one thousand dollars or more dress made me cringe my teeth. That excepted, Harper is mostly a normal seventeen years old teenager dating and loving a nice boy and expecting to pass a great evening at the Homecoming event accompanied by her boyfriend and best friends. Unfortunately, when the school janitor transmits her some weird thing while unexpectingly kissing her, everything changes. And that’s when she becomes a kick-ass girl with new superpowers.

The writing isn’t impressive but nice instead. Standard but efficient since a book like this one is better off complicated words and long sentences. It could’ve been prettier though. This book has a cool atmosphere that’ll get you at ease and make the reading comfortable. The story might very likely seem to you either very interesting or fun. Or both. Either way, you’ll enjoy it and found it adorable. I thought it was amazing and well done. It felt like watching a comedy/supernatural/drama/action movie. I loved it!

The romance was pretty clean. It was cute and sometimes sigh-worthy. And sometimes frustrating indeed. Previsible by moments but also enchanting. Sweet and rightly accompanying the story.

If you liked/loved Rachel Hawkins’ other books, there are many chances you’ll appreciate Rebel Belle too.

Happy reading! (And don’t forget the popcorn and/or candy!)

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9 thoughts on “Review of Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

  1. Hey girlie! Just dropping by to say congrats on the new blog!! 😀 That is so exciting! And I love the name! Very clever 😉

    And I am so glad to hear that you liked Rebel Belle!! I read Rachel’s other series, Hex Hall, and absolutely loved it! I was kinda iffy on this book but I love comedy/supernatural/action, so I think I’ll give it a shot!


    • Awww thank you! Hhahah yeah the name came instinctively coz I wanted to make a blog in which everything is clear and people can see books I liked and didn’t as well with a simple click to hit list or miss list 😀 I’m really excited!!

      Yeah, I read that series as well! I loved the first book but the rest bored me to be honest. xd
      Yes, YOU MUST. It was so much fun! 😀


  2. I tend to find Rachel Hawkins’ writing entertaining most of the time, so I think I’ll get along with this book. Sometimes I just want pure enjoyment and it sounds like this book delivers on that front. Great review, Lola! 🙂


  3. I really like Rachel Hawkins, so I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy this book. I like the premise of the book and would love to see how Rachel integrates the magical aspect into real life. Great review!


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